Monday, March 30, 2009

dear matt and kim, i miss you. love, devyn

so, i was reading this interview today and it made me realize how much i miss matt and kim.
i know, i know ... i saw them last month, and the month before that but i feel like it's been forever.
they're the one band that i'll travel to the ends of the earth for, or at the very least, the outer edges of godknowswhere brooklyn.

matt mentioned a show in the interview, which was by FAR, the best matt and kim show i've ever been to.
it was the summer of 2007, 4 days before my birthday, sweltering hot, in the middle of bushwick, in a completely illegal warehouse. it was blissful.
best fwends opened, and although i could've done without that band that stole my water, it was still a fantastic night.

i might've named it best show of 2007. i probably did.
i don't remember.

this is what matt had to say about it:
"I'd have to say we probably played our first hundred shows in New York, shows Todd P had booked at whatever random art space or warehouse and things like that, so while everything might not have been perfect—the sound probably never great, the ventilation always below par and this and that—it was always unique and memorable. People see so many shows at venues they tend to become un-unique. Once Kim and I did a show with Todd at a warehouse in Bushwick that was initially set to be at a place above this auto parts store. And then the day of the show, we found out that apparently there was a sweatshop above the auto parts store. They couldn't do anything about it, when we stepped in to move stuff in to do the show there were like all these sewing tables and they were like, "Sorry, we forgot." A few hours before the show was supposed to start we had to find a new place and we ended up finding this pizza place that was getting made that was connected to a warehouse full of bricks and rubble and crap and no one was actually permitted to be there. The people building the pizza place had been using it as a workshop. Basically they ended up clearing this place out, going in, trying to get a couple porta potties and then spreading the word and they had to stop letting people in at like 650 people, at this bizarre warehouse in Bushwick where no one has a right to be there. It's probably what a rave was back in the early 90's. I met people in Australia who told me about seeing us at that show and how memorable it was and things like that. People just getting texts like, "Oh, I heard it moved here." It's things like that where memories can be created that way."

anyone who was there would agree that it was one of the most epic matt and kim shows to date.
that night, matt broke his glasses and decided to take off his shirt (he hasn't done that since) and it was the first time they played the new songs that would be on their second album "grand" ... they were overwhelmingly happy just to be home, with their friends. i was happy too.

oh p.s.
all points west lineup? FANTASTIC!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


so, march has proven to be a slow slow month.
i haven't been to a good show in god knows how long, and i need something fantastic.

we thought about seeing wavves last night, but settled on roaming around the mall for a couple hours.
sorry nathan ... i just wasn't in the mood for sweaty madness and dirty kids in bushwick.

apparently the all points west lineup is being released tomorrow morning. let's hope for something amazing.
chances are, the lineup won't be worth $100 a day. whatevz, who wants to pay that much for 12 bands per day anyway?
i'll just listen to everyone from my rooftop. yes, you can hear everything perfectly from there. all points west is basically in my backyard.

blogging will be back to normal in april.
i've got a good amount of shows, including of montreal ... thank goodness.
ra ra riot and cut off your hands on saturday. so good.

i've had a lot on my mind lately.
i kind of just want to open my head, take my brain out and put it in a box for a few hours. that would be great.

i have tons of homework to do.
tomorrow is going to be bad.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

if i had a quarter...

and if people weren't watching, i would've ridden one of these.

anyone hear about the topshop opening a week from today?
um hey santigold santogold and mark ronson.

i'm missing all the good shows this week because i'm a minor.
all of my friends are turning 18 without me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

dear hipster runoff, you are fantastic. love, devyn

so now i know that i'm not the only person who doesn't "get" no age.
and i know i should feel the same way about wavves as you stated in your last post, because they're both that lofi punk shit, but nathan is just so gosh darn flippin cute, that i might waste a whole $8 to see him at market hotel next weekend ... or not.
i heard he's better live? but as you said, he's "just a chill guy who plays gigs in comfortable sportswear" ... i might believe that. i do believe that.
maybe he really DOES only have one good song.
poor kid. he has nice hair.

anyways, i was passing by some magazine store in the city today as i saw in the display alternating covers of fader. zach condon of beirut on one cover and natasha khan of bat for lashes on the other. i ran inside only to find that all of the issues had bat for lashes. i went to the window, pulled out one with zach's face, then realized it was a double cover. zach on one side, natasha on the other.
oh danggggggg shits, i got so excited. you get both! in one issue! how exciting is that?!?!?? but of course, zach is far more exciting, even though he looks old and fat now. maybe because he's most definitely married to granola face.

we also picked up the latest issue of bust with lily allen on the front, which made me remember how much natasha khan and lily look alike, and it was totally [not] funny because we were getting one magazine with lily on the front and one with natasha on the front. ha .. yess.
i honestly think they're twins separated at birth, only natasha has a piggier nose.


oh, and this! they're in the SAME magazine!
if i was retarded, i would think there were just two pictures of lily on the contents page of bust. why would they put them next to each other? oh and don't mind my two boyfriends also on the same page.

ok, so obviously lily allen is more tan, and her boobs are slightly larger, but they most definitely have similar facial features ... so weird.

we purchased our magazines, then as we were walking out, we saw this in the window:

i cannot express enough how much i DESPISE the teenagers and this asshole.
he's so disrespectful and horrible. how can anyone appreciate the teenagers?
nothing about them is appealing.
clearly, you are deaf or tasteless if you think they make good music.
can you even call it music?

we then continued on to get a slurpie and sit on a bench.
i took a picture of a tree.


for real?


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


is obviously the place to be right now considering every music loving person who hasn't yet been struck by the recession is on their way to austin right now.
oh sxsw, how i'd love to be there and party until my brains leak out of my ears.
everywhere i turn, i feel like everyone is just trying to remind me that i'm missing out for the millionth time.
i've told myself since freshman year that i'd definitely go my senior year.
i'm only a year away from bliss.
besides, what's sxsw without matt and kim?
hopefully someone will spit out some face value tickets by the end of the week, and i'll go see them and pretend we're in texas.

speaking of texas, good music schools there. i need to look into that. i have a meeting with my guidance counselor about schools tomorrow. i get to miss history for that! yay!

i'm rethinking the berklee school of music in boston ... apparently, it's a factory that turns mediocre musicians into dropouts and extremely talented musicians into robots. i believe that. i really do, and i don't want to waste my money on some "big name" shit school ... we all know kids just end up there because they're a bunch of rich yuppies who have been playing since they were 5, but don't necessarily enjoy it.
i'd rather go somewhere where i can enjoy what i do, have good relationships with my educators and excel as a committed and passionate musician.
... oh, and i need to be able to minor in music photo journalism.

why am i thinking about college now?

Monday, March 16, 2009

monday update.

the worst day of the week.
just found out alkaline trio is already sold out.
i was really looking forward to shooting that show. no luck, i guess.
they were my favorite band in the 8th grade ... haven't seen them since the summer after freshman year.
i'm not devastated though. i'd probably be too lazy to go out on a sunday night anyway.

still haven't found tickets for cut copy and matt & kim.
this has just been a bad month for shows, i guess.
i've been to a total of ONE in a span of two weeks and two days.
and the one i went to wasn't even fantastic.

tomorrow is saint patrick's day. wear green to school?
nah, i'll wear yellow and blue and tell the nuns that if you shake me, i'll turn green.

today is a lazy day. this blog will probably be followed by a nap ... then some essay revising and writing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

dear kevin barnes, you make me want to paint my nails. love, devyn

i was just thinking about how of montreal is coming back in exactly a month!
i am so excited, it's ridiculous.
it's already in the running for best show of the year ... i just know it'll be that good.

i'm gonna go paint my nails gold.

someone buy me this hoodie:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i hate

dumb doctors
dingy waiting rooms
brown-ish carpeting
bad lighting
low ceilings
the smell of old people
frisse lettuce


today was a bad day.

i need a good show ... now.
and at this point, i don't even know if i'm going to cut copy and matt and kim @ term5.
shit's sold out, and there's no way in hell that i'm paying $100+ for a ticket from some greedy cock face scalper on craigslist.

i was gonna try to see totally michael in brooklyn tonight, but decided against doing do because i am just not in the mood to deal with dirty brooklyn kids rubbing their sweaty armpits on my back.

oh, and wtf @ kid sister playing sxsw. asshole.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

dear kid sister, you're more unreliable than spank rock. love, devyn

alright ... so i've already established that kid sister is unreliable, but this just brought her infamous unreliability to the next level.
here's the news on her album.
it was set to come out last june, then postponed to july, then september, then november, then january, then now, late march.
there has been no news of it since the postponement from january to march. is the record even done? will it ever be done?
probably not.

now, her record release show was set to be at bowery on november 25th, it was postponed to february, then more recently postponed to april 25th. i went to check if tickets were sold out, only to find out that the show had been canceled altogether.

again, i think she's doing this because she's secretly pregnant, so she thinks she can just slack for 9 months.
the 9 months that could've been the most important in her career as a musician.
she is obviously to blame, but some of the blame also goes to her boyfrannnnnn alain macklovitch, aka a-trak ... who is currently doing a tour with dj medhi. we don't see a-trak taking his fatherly responsibilities, do we? bullshit.
thanxz guyzzzz. you're super awesome.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


not much going on lately.
went out to south hackensack to support some local boyzzzz for the van atta high ep release show.
action item was lovely ... super short set though, probably because the show was running off schedule. but anyways, support them and check them out hurrrrr: action item
here are a few photos:

van atta high were also good. i hadn't seen them in like two years, so it was kind of surreal seeing how much they've grown. everyone was singing along. it was crazyyy. good for them.

yay for my flash dying halfway through van atta's set.
had to use the built-in. ew.

weather was nice today ... high of 71.
tomorrow it's supposed to rain.
sat's in a week.
oh joy.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i want this.

the new diana f+ snowcat edition!!!
it's fantastic! and IT HAS A CAT ON IT!

speaking of cats ... i want this cat.

after praying to the snow gods all weekend,

just thought i should make this known.

i didn't go to juiceboxxx/team robes/ninjasonik on saturday.
i was too lazy to drag my ass to bklyn at 11pm.
besides, that shit probably got busted early.
whatevz ... juice boy is coming back on may 9th, and it's not like i haven't seen team robes and ninja 123456789 times already.

kind of a dry spell for shows for a while.
maybe i'm seeing totally michael on the 12th, but with SAT's on the 14th, i gotta get as much rest that week as possible.
i don't even have tickets for matt & kim and cut copy on the 21st, so i'm not entirely sure if i'm going to that.
there is no way in hell that i'm paying $75 for a ticket on craigslist. no thank you.
but perhaps someone nice will be selling for face value the day before the show.
i mean, look what happened with tokyo police club ... got the tickets the DAY OF THE SHOW!

btw, i'm completely and utterly OBSESSED with born ruffians right now.
i've come to the conclusion that luke lalonde is brilliant and "hedonistic me" is most definitely like my favorite song right now.
sooo good ... holy crap. i've been listening to it on repeat.
it's up on the same level as "a sentence of sorts in kongsvinger" by of montreal ... didn't think that was possible.