Monday, October 27, 2008

cmj finale

so, for the last day of cmj, i intended on seeing starfucker at noon, but failed to do so because there was no way in hell that i was gonna wake up that early.
instead i woke up late and moped around the house until like 7, then headed over to music hall for the iheartcomix showcase.
it was basically deja vu of last year's cmj finale. i ended my week at music hall with matt and kim.
but sadly, matt and kim weren't actually playing this year, matt was just hosting the event. without kim ... and btw, he was 2 hours late.

anywayssss...the night started out with shout out out out out ... five keyboards, four synths, two drum sets, two basses, and high kicks for days. they were exciting for a little bit, then i started to get bored. i have a short attention span, don't make your songs 85 minutes long!!

next up was juiceboxxx. everyone favorite white boy rapper from milwaukee. some girl was basically trying to rape him, and he was getting really fucking mad at her. before he even played, she tried to kiss him. he was completely and utterly disgusted. and while he played, she kept pulling on his microphone cord and it kept unplugging. eventually by the end of his set, he got so pissed that he threw the mic on the floor and said to just fuck it, but thankfully he had two mics, and he finished his song.
he was still great, even though he was so upset. it was almost as heartbreaking as when we saw yannis philipakkis from foals drop all of his change on the floor at maxwell's.

around 11, matt johnson of matt and kim finally showed up to introduce totally michael.
he said that he might have tape worm or something horrible like that and that pieces of his feet were falling off.
oh matt ... you never make sense.

totally michael was fabulous as usual.
he was totally on point, even though the crowd was wack as hell and made the drillteam look bad during "cheerleaders vs. the drillteam." come on guyzzzzzz ... the drillteam obvz has the better disses. i was one of three people chanting. whatevz.
he's amazing. and still tight. like spandex. bahahahaaa.

next were team robes. super fun. super sweaty. super nasty. i wouldn't expect anything less from them.
ty's shirt looked like termites ate it. ew.
no pictures. i never take any pictures of them. hahahaa.

kind of last were hearts revolution.
like a mix between crystal castles and css, only not as good.
they were fun though. i don't know if i really care for the girl's voice, but the instrumentals are to dieeeee for.
pink strobe lights and bedazzled microphones aren't a bad thing either.

we stayed for like 5 minutes of ninjasonik, but left because people were getting a little too drunk for our taste.
oh, and we were tired anyway.

matt and kim on halloween! get PUMPEDDDD!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


why i love best fwends ...

1. they're fucking adorable
2. they're flippin ridiculous
3. they're hilarious
4. what the hecks is NOT to love?
i love anyone who can manage to have no real musical talent but still start a crazy party. fo' sho.

i hadn't seen them in almost a year and a half, and they played last night at knitting.
so good. my god. amazing. aah!
apparently leia caught a picture of me being blessed by the giant inflatable gargoyle. awesomeee.


oh, and the mae shi were amazing as well.
it was nice seeing them in a place where it WASN'T 5 hundred degrees.
it was actually kinda cold.

what is that, a water buffalo?

they replaced the sheet with a rainbow parachute ... yesss!

the bands that played between best fwends and the mae shi were all pretty horrible. so scary. remind me to never see an albatross ever again. what the fuck.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

today ... and cmj

so today was totally pooped on.
i had several options as to what shows i could've attended today.
i could've seen best fwends, totally michael, and high places at nyu ... i could've seen nightmare of you ... i could've (not really) seen crystal castles, kid sis, floss and a-trak (if i had been smart and gotten a fake id).
instead, i stayed home, ate cupcakes, and watched flight of the conchords for two hours.

well in reality, i probably couldn't have gone to any of these considering the nyu show required a gov't issued id, which i don't have because i'm a savage and i reside in new jersey, nightmare of you was at porky's ... i looked up, it looks like it's some kind of secret strip bar or something, and obvz, webster hall hates me so i couldn't have gone for the crystal castles extravaganza.

but no worries, it's not like i WON'T be seeing totally michael and best fwends this weekend.
tomorrow is the panache party at knitting with the mae shi, best fwends, monotonix and like 12 thousand others...should be fun, WILL be fun.
then saturday, i have the iheartcomix showcase ... cant go wrong with team robes, totally michael, juiceboxxx, ninjasonik, and uh, matt from matt and kim is hosting the shit.
then if everything works out, i'll be seeing the mae shi again and cut off your hands. sounds like a hectic night. whatevzz.
it's going to be wonderful!!

i actually think it's better that i didn't go to a million shows this week ... i'm saving my energy ... i've been sick for the past like two weeks, but i AM ridiculously sad that i missed the cool kids on tuesday :(((
if you've ever been to one of their shows, you know that shit's ridiculous.
and you WILL get raped by some ugly kid.
i guarantee it ... ok, maybe i don't guarantee it, but the cool kids are too good to miss, and i managed to just not go. not that my dad would have let me go. i stayed home sick.
oh, and what the hell?! it was $26 ... ASDFGHJKL ... huh?
i just wanna be like, "listen i love you, but $26??? really?"
i have $4 to my name ... no thanks.

btw, don't forget to watch yo gabba gabba tomorrow.
it's a re-run of the episode with i'm form barcelona that premiered on tuesday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

miserable days produce okay photos.

saturday wasn't exactly my idea of fun.
a bunch of crappy local "harcdore" bands playing in nowheresville pompahanawanafuque, i mean pompton lakes, NJ, and then some better known, but not super well known bands playing after them ... i.e. eyes set to kill, lovehatehero and before their eyes.
i'm wouldn't consider myself a fan of all this madness, but lovehatehero managed to put on a decent set.
i had seen them once before in 2007, and they weren't bad then, so i didn't expect them to suck or anything.
i figured i might as well take a few pictures ... have something to look at later on.
the lighting was pretty shitty, but what can you expect from a half ass venue in northern new jersey?


pierrick wears hairclips apparently.

yuck! i don't understand why people like this guy.

the end.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

gabe is bringin' sassy back.

via the sassy back tour.
yesterday was not only gabe's birthday, but it was also the new york date of the sassy back tour with cobra starship, forever the sickest kids, hit the lights and sing it loud at nokia theatre.
the venue is big......but i love shows there because it's just a genuinely NICE venue. everything's really pretty, and the light makes everything glow. i love it. hahaa.

before the show, i grabbed some merch and talked to favorite mustache friend julian gilbert.
his photography is amazing ... and so is his mustache.
go look: julian schmagoolian

we didn't bother to go into the crowd for sing it loud.
they were whatever.

hit the lights were so different from what they used to be when colin was still in the band.
it was like a half throwback.
we hadn't seen them in over two years, and we sang along to the songs, but it wasn't the same.
i wasn't digging it.

forever the sickest kids were whatever also.
they just come off as just assholes.
maybe it's those dumb sweatbands.

cobra was wonderful as usual.
this marked the 6th time i've seen them, and it might've been their best set yet.
gabe was extra talkative, and so was ryland ...they're wonderful.
and we also established that suarez is the "sex" of the band.
he IS the penis ... haa. oh dear.
he's wonderful.
they're wonderful.
cobra starship are another one of the few bands that make me so ridiculously excited that i have the urge to piss my pants.
hopefully they'll be around for years to come, despite the fact that gabe is almost 30! =_=
happy 29th birthday gabe.
as if you'll see this one day ... i meant to find you before or after the show and give you the card i slaved over for a few hours, but i never found you, so i suppose i'll just send it to your house.

almost the shittiest photos ever:

oh hi.


pleasure ryland:

the end