Wednesday, July 29, 2009

yet another kid sister post.

supposedly, her album is coming out on october 6th.
now, people who just jumped on the kid sis boat, you may or may not know that this is the 5th or 6th time that she has postponed the release date.
we have all established that she's incredibly unreliable.
but after i heard her new single "right hand hi," i love her again, and i forgive her for being an asshole.

go listen to her new single now! it'll do ya some good.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

who hired the latin fusion band?!

another good free show? yes, i think so.
this time it was at the williamsburg waterfront.
clearly, all of these waterfront shows in manhattan and brooklyn are run by the same people because they all use the same sad barricades that are not meant to hold people, oh and they all have asshole security guards, but it's all good, the shows are free, so i shouldn't be complaining, right?

it was kind of sweltering and muggy and disgusting out, there was obviously a storm coming our way, it was just a matter of when it would actually start raining. luckily, we didn't get hit until the very end of black lips.
trail of dead was canceled due to the lightning, but whatever, i would've missed them regardless.

the first band to play was grupo fantasma ... seriously, WHO INVITED THEM?! it didn't make sense at all why they were there. do fans of black lips and health seem like they would enjoy a latin fusion band from texas? ... i think not.
they seemed like the type of band that you'd see at the puerto rican day parade.
like, okay ... sure, they were talented, but latin fusion is not something that gets me amped.

finally, after a million years of latin music (and a flippin encore ... no mas! no mas!), health came on.
of course, noisy, and i was nearly deaf shortly after they started, but i found them enjoyable (not to mention the fact that john famiglietti is oh so attractive, and he's a crazy dancer).

they're not necessarily a band i listen to a whole lot (aside from their disco album), they're one of those bands that are a hell of a lot better live, and the same goes for black lips. they had a ton of energy, but i'm sure it's a little difficult to get their whole vibe in an outdoor setting. i'll have to plan on seeing them somewhere else soon. oh wait, but i can't. their bowery show is 18+ ... fuck my lifeeee.


next up were black lips ... okay, so i guess i forgot how RIDICULOUS their crowds are. maybe because i blocked it out because i've been so traumatized at black lips shows, from being butt raped to the worst bruises of my life. being in the front and center was NOT a good idea, i mean unless you dig getting smashed against metal by a bunch of black lips superfans.
we quickly removed ourselves from the madness and held our ground in the front off to the right, where it was a whole lot safer than 5 feet to the left of us.

epic, basically.


again with the sad barricades that aren't meant to hold people ... at first, security tried to hold everyone back. they failed.
the crowd then managed to push it all the way against the monitors so they could easily climb onto the stage. i was terrified, to be honest, but i managed to NOT get hurt this time. wow, what an accomplishment.
but other than the violence, black lips were lovely as usual. they're always a lot of fun ... jared smashed a ukulele today! oh, and cole grew his mustache back! jared though, he did not ... JARED, I WANT YOUR MUSTACHE BACK! :{D

the end

Saturday, July 25, 2009

ello govna's island.

we took a trip over to governors island today not really knowing what to expect.
i had seen the posters everywhere and it seemed like it could be an okay place.
little did we know that it would be absolutely wonderful.

the ferry that goes there is free, so it gives people even more of a reason to go and check it out.
i felt like i wasn't even in new york when i was there. it was kind of surreal.
it just seems like some quirky, colonial town.
i dig it. sadly though, i forgot the memory card for my camera, so i was forced to take pictures with my cell phone ... tragic, i know.

anyways, it's most definitely the perfect place to bring some friends and a picnic.
but i would advise also bringing some hand sanitizer, as all the port-a-potties are running a little low.

we decided to go for a ride on the staten island ferry when we got back.
right, remind me to not do that ever again in the near future.
i hadn't done it in about 12 years, so i guess i forgot that it's kind of a strange ride. we have renamed it the "broski boat," due to the large amount of bros and guidos all over the boat. awesome.

my feet hurt and i feel like i'm coated in sea residue.

did anyone look at the sky today? it was amazing.

Friday, July 24, 2009

we <3 regina!

went to see Regina Spektor at the Apple store in soho today.
we waited for three hours on a line, sitting under a table for most of the time, and playing stressful party games with some cool people we met on the line.

Regina was absolutely amazing and was well worth the three hour wait.
i had chills for the entire hour and five minutes that she performed.
she's just so charming and fantastic and talented and great and wonderful, and i love her.
i can't get over it.
she's another person that i would like to BE.

she's playing at barnes on august 18th, and guess who's gonna wait three hours again?!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

we do this all the time ... never again?

sooooo ... the mae shi is kind of broken up?
their last show with their current lineup was on sunday ... kind of.
i'm quite upset about this, they're one of my favorites.
read the full story here: the mae shi/signals split turns ugly

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

just saying.

dear alexandra lawn, you are gorgeous and i would like to be you. love, devyn

Friday, July 17, 2009

fallin' behind!

and i have issues typing today considering it took me about 6 tries to type the title correctly.
i've had nothing but hand cramps all week from my new five string bass.
but anyways, i saw Man Man last night for free at the East River Park band shell.
the first band was less than notable, but of course, Man Man brought it.

even if you're not a listener of the band, their live show is a must, for sure.
they played for over an hour and a half, and though for some of the set it seemed as if they were losing their usual energy, they brought it back up for the encore. but i couldn't blame them for being tired or too hot to jump around, it was kind of sweltering outside.

oh, and my favorite favorite security from the m&k show last week were there too.
they gave me dirty looks.

click here for more photos!

Monday, July 13, 2009

this post should speak for itself.

that is all.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

more free shows?!

yes, the day after matt and kim, there were only about 458429642 free shows going on.
i ended up settling on the pains of being pure at heart at south street seaport for the river to river music series, run by the same people who run the river rocks music series.

i know, i know ... i've only said bad things about them in the past, but i think it was just my wrath for peggy wang that was getting in the way of me being able to actually enjoy pains.
so, i sucked it up and went.

and lo and behold, i actually like pains?
ok, so maybe i never HATED them, i've just always had issues with peggy.

more here!

so, after seeing them, i take back everything i said about the band in the past.
though, peggy is still irritating and obnoxious, and we all know it's true. she needs to take the grin off her face and stop acting like she is the coolest girl around.

ironically, the morning of the show, jay reatard had posted on his twitter:
"Brooklyn shut up ! most of your bands all suck and you are total wanna bees ! The pains of being boring at heart ....oh it must hurt being so bland." his less than endearing tweet appeared on pitchfork and brooklyn vegan shortly after, and it was clear that it would turn into a battle, but obviously, it didn't stop anyone from going to see pains for free.

oh, and thanks shirley braha for filming my face.
i can be on new york noize plz?!?!?!!??

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i love summer.

despite the nasty, humid days, summer is most definitely the best season, and not just because i don't have to worry about school. what i love most are all the free outdoor shows. times are tough, and god knows i ain't got money because all of my birthday money goes towards festival expenses.
but anyways, matt and kim played with flosstradamus and team robes the other day at pier 54 for the river rocks music series.
of course, we were the first assholes there, waited for hours, got the front row spot we wanted.
we saw the sad barricades and knew that they would be trouble later on in the night.

team robes were the same as usual. fun to dance to, but we all know that they'll disappear in a couple of years when they realize that it's not cool to be in a diy band past the age of 30.
but whatever ... they're still a lot of fun for now.
though, i've never seen them perform on a legitimate stage before. it was totally weird.

flosstradamus was nothing short of FANTASTIC! i hadn't seen them since cmj '07, and i was blown away all over again.
there's a reason why they're my favorite dj's ... it was an instant dance party.
so much fun, despite the fact that i was surrounded by complete tools ... view here:

i then proceeded to warn the security that the crowd would only get rowdier during matt and kim and that there was a huge possibility of the barricade toppling over and 5000 people falling down.
they didn't seem to believe me.
the crowd exploded, and i swear i had about 25 near death experiences.
but i worked it out, i held my ground, and i beat off the assholes.

(photo props to ma gurl, natalia who risked bringing her d80 with her)

...all for the love of matt and kim.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i STILL want to be Janelle Monáe.

after getting stuck in ridiculous traffic and missing janelle open for no doubt on the 26th, i was totally devastated, but much to my surprise, i got an e-mail that told me she was going to be playing the afro-punk festival at bam ... get this, FOR FREE! i was so psyched. and to top it off elevator flight was going to be playing right before janelle! how exciting! zoe kravitz is so fierce, obviously.

anyways, we made our way through the hordes of young skaters around 5:45 when elevator fight was just about to start.
they were quite enjoyable, good energy, catchy tunes ... oh, and zoe is just adorable. almost as adorable as her parents.

after much anticipation, janelle came on close to 7 (not 6:23 as she said that morning on twitter).
by that time, i had squeezed myself up to the front, because of course, i wouldn't want to miss any of the action from being caught in some crappy spot in the crowd.
nothing has changed, and i STILL want to be her. she manages to put on an incredible live show every time. she amazes me to no end. i mean, she can sing, dance, and she's totally gorgeous and awesome. what more could anyone ask for?

in the middle of her set, these guys started dancing on the roof ... it was fantastic. i wish i could be that cool.

while seemingly shorter than it actually was, janelle did a 40 minute set, which included the usual painting on canvas, a jump into the crowd, insane dancing, ridiculous pipes, and a couple of breaks to adjust her signature coif. i can't even deal. she's magical. period. that is all.

more photos here AND here.

Monday, July 6, 2009

there's no doubt that no doubt is amazing.

just saying.
even from the lawn, they were thoroughly enjoyable.
okay, so my feet were consumed by the mud, but that didn't stop me from dancing my ass off and enjoying them to the fullest extent.
gwen stefani left me speechless.

oh, and i definitely utilized the 40x zoom on my point and shoot.
what a fantastic way to bring in my birthday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

this has been...

a fairly unproductive summer break so far.

i need a job.
or an internship.
or something that'll occupy my time.