Monday, March 30, 2009

dear matt and kim, i miss you. love, devyn

so, i was reading this interview today and it made me realize how much i miss matt and kim.
i know, i know ... i saw them last month, and the month before that but i feel like it's been forever.
they're the one band that i'll travel to the ends of the earth for, or at the very least, the outer edges of godknowswhere brooklyn.

matt mentioned a show in the interview, which was by FAR, the best matt and kim show i've ever been to.
it was the summer of 2007, 4 days before my birthday, sweltering hot, in the middle of bushwick, in a completely illegal warehouse. it was blissful.
best fwends opened, and although i could've done without that band that stole my water, it was still a fantastic night.

i might've named it best show of 2007. i probably did.
i don't remember.

this is what matt had to say about it:
"I'd have to say we probably played our first hundred shows in New York, shows Todd P had booked at whatever random art space or warehouse and things like that, so while everything might not have been perfect—the sound probably never great, the ventilation always below par and this and that—it was always unique and memorable. People see so many shows at venues they tend to become un-unique. Once Kim and I did a show with Todd at a warehouse in Bushwick that was initially set to be at a place above this auto parts store. And then the day of the show, we found out that apparently there was a sweatshop above the auto parts store. They couldn't do anything about it, when we stepped in to move stuff in to do the show there were like all these sewing tables and they were like, "Sorry, we forgot." A few hours before the show was supposed to start we had to find a new place and we ended up finding this pizza place that was getting made that was connected to a warehouse full of bricks and rubble and crap and no one was actually permitted to be there. The people building the pizza place had been using it as a workshop. Basically they ended up clearing this place out, going in, trying to get a couple porta potties and then spreading the word and they had to stop letting people in at like 650 people, at this bizarre warehouse in Bushwick where no one has a right to be there. It's probably what a rave was back in the early 90's. I met people in Australia who told me about seeing us at that show and how memorable it was and things like that. People just getting texts like, "Oh, I heard it moved here." It's things like that where memories can be created that way."

anyone who was there would agree that it was one of the most epic matt and kim shows to date.
that night, matt broke his glasses and decided to take off his shirt (he hasn't done that since) and it was the first time they played the new songs that would be on their second album "grand" ... they were overwhelmingly happy just to be home, with their friends. i was happy too.

oh p.s.
all points west lineup? FANTASTIC!

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