Tuesday, September 30, 2008

matt and kim on the radio

yes, it's true.
i was sitting around, minding my own business, contemplating a way to get chromeo tickets for thursday, and i get a text from my friend "PUT ON THE RADIO NOW! MATT AND KIM ARE ON!!!11!! 92.3FM K-ROCK!"
i almost didn't believe my ears.
there it was, "daylight," that new track i just spoke about in my last blog was on the radio.

i'm not sure how to feel about it.
i guess, because i love them so much, that i should be really happy for them, but the fact that it was on a huge station (that has since toned down after howard stern left) just really confuses me. i want the world to know who they are, but then again, i don't want them getting so big that they won't pay attention to their fans anymore.
though, i know that won't happen because they're two of the nicest most genuine people i know, and forgetting the fans is out of the question.
it's even apparent that the fact that they have an ever growing fan base scares them.
they always complain when they have to play "big" venues with barricades or high stages or when the venue charges more than $10 to see them.

when i saw them in philly over the summer with CSS, kim was shocked by how high the stage was and how far the crowd was from the stage because of the barricade. or even last october, for the last show of cmj, they kept apologizing to the crowd because the show ended up being $9 with service charge.

fame is a scary thing, but i haven't the slightest feeling that they'll get too big for their pants and leave us in the dirt without hugs. they will always be a band that i'm grateful for, whether no one knows them or if they're superstars.
thank you matt and kim.

oh, and btw, someone tell me why i'm not 21.
i get to miss the virgins AND natalie portman's shaved head at mercury.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

and yet another

new matt and kim track!?

i guess this is their way of holding us off til the new album comes out.
the new album will be entitled grand, and grand it shall be.
it's been forever since their s/t came out, and we've all been itching for new material, considering they've been playing new songs since 2007.
strangely, none of the songs they've been playing for us are the ones they've been releasing in the past month or so.
i'm still waiting for the one that counts backwards.
i kid you not.
they've upped the counting and turned it around 5-4-3-2-1.
they've been playing it at pretty much every show since summer of 2007.

anyways, this new song that came out like last week is called "daylight" ... i really like it.
i'm way too excited for the new album.
you can download the track here: green label sound

also, another new release i'm excited for is totally michael's s/t.

i've been living on his demos and ep for almost two years now, and i'm super glad he finally got signed to iheartcomix, and now he's coming out with a legit album.
he promised us it was coming out in july, then he said august, and not it's coming out october 14th.
there's a stream of the album on my old kentucky blog
it just makes you wanna jump up on your bed and shake your butt.
it's really quite amazing, and i wouldn't expect anything less from dear michael.
and everything doesn't sound like it was recorded in his bedroom anymore.

and btw, katy perry covered "electric feel" ... ??
way to ruin it katy perry.

this is r-e-a-l-i-t-y

so my boys in bayside are releasing their fourth full-length album entitled shudder on september 30th, and i told myself i was gonna just wait until it came out to listen to it, but i couldn't help but download the leak. don't kill me, jack!
of course i'll still buy it. hell, if i had the money, i'd buy 100 copies, but times are tough my friend.
i'm a student, and i don't have a job, and i spend all my money on tickets, so therefore, i don't have enough money to buy 100 copies.
but i figured, that now that i've listened to it about a million times that i might as well tell you a little about it.

it opens with the catchy track entitled "boy" ... not a far stretch from anything else they've come out with. the chorus is what really got me excited. before i heard the album, these lyrics were circulating the interwebs, and i was just so excited what it would sound like "now is your chance boy just ignore the dreadful things they say, go on give up you’ll never win no crying now, they're watching him, his blood will boil and the kids will sing, learn to drown before learn to swim"

this then flows into the next track "the ghost of st. valentine," which is overall a pretty upbeat track.
in fact, the whole album is a little more on the upbeat side. it's different for them, but they still manage to stay true to their sound.
they've added a lot of pop elements though. i closed my eyes while listening to "no one understands" and swore i was listening to motion city soundtrack for a minute.

the next track "what and whatnot" might be some kind of "montauk" throw back.
a lot of us were confused with the slight lyric change, but obviously it must have SOMETHING to do with "montauk."
i mean going from "sweetness can you believe this?" to "sweetness did you believe in this?"
tell me "what and whatnot" isn't like montauk pt. 2 or something. haha.

anyways, the album continues with some more upbeat tracks ... it all just gets you in a good mood.
the guitar is strong, the lyrics aren't a far stray from what i'm used to. a little less violent, but it's all just really enjoyable.
in my opinion, the walking wounded, while it grew on me eventually, was a little disappointing, whereas shudder hooked me pretty fast, like with their self titled and sirens. ok, maybe not as mind blowingly amazing as sirens or bayside, but still very very good overall.

i'm happy for them. they should definitely be proud of this album.

must listen tracks: "demons" and "moceanu"
a quick note about "moceanu" ... definitely the most memorable track. but it requires a few listens to absorb everything.

a friend of mine declared that she doesn't like the album because it's "too happy."
and my response to her was "i'm sorry, what?"

go buy it this week.
you won't be disappointed.

Friday, September 26, 2008

don't throw your bra and young boys.

umm, so last night was pretty much life changing.
tokyo police club played at maxwell's ... and although i've seen them once before, that was just an in-store, so this was a million and one times better. yes, they played 20 songs ... but it seemed to go so fast. every song just ends so abruptly and goes to the next booty bumpin' tune. seriously, every one of their songs gets me excited. they're one of the few bands that can do that to me.

opening for them were mobius band.
super enjoyable, but their keyboardist was making me feel uncomfortable. like you know when old guys dance really hard and shake their asses, and it's a little unsettling? yeah, it was like that.
but um, they were really good.

tokyo police club came on around like 10:30 or something, and boy oh boy ... it was so wonderful.
they basically played every song they have. they seemed especially adorable last night, and dave has gained better stage presence since the last time i saw them.
aghh, this definitely goes into the top 10 shows of the year.

but a quick note to the girls standing behind us, i get it, you were super excited, but that didn't give you the right to scream at the top of your lungs in our ears, and yell at the band to play "cheer it on" ... what are you, retarded? of course they were gonna play "cheer it on."
and yeah, people were giving you guys dirty looks, don't wonder why. you knowwwwww why!
you don't know how close i was to slapping all of you.
chill the fuck out.

oh and, whoever threw that bra at the stage ... why??
it touched me, and it touched dave when you threw it again.
he seemed disgusted ... disgusted enough to remove it from the monitor with his foot!
oh lord.

and one more thing, this was the second time this week that someone told me to turn my flash off or stop taking pictures.
what gives??
of course i kept taking pictures, pshhh.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

i want that skirt!

so as you may or may not know, i went to see santogold at irving on friday.
fucking $25 for that ... and no, i didn't get a free kitten.
although the show was good as a whole, the crowd took my hatred for dumbasses to a whole new level.
we were pretty much surrounded by assholes.
and if it wasn't for that nice person in front of me who let me stand in the front next to her, i would've probably had a miserable night.

first band, low vs. diamond were whatever. not that cute, and the lead singer was awkward, but their music wasn't horrible or anything.

next group, i didn't even know the name of.
it was three ugly guys in dumb outfits, and a fourth ugly guy in the back with a laptop pumping out decent beats and samples that excited the crowd, i guess. they had good energy, but it was hard to like them when everything they were saying was so vulgar.

right before santogold was her fiance. trevor andrew aka trouble andrew.
he was just cool as hell for sure.
i was pretty much jealous of his mullet.
it was hard to get any really good pictures of him because the security came over to me and was like "baby, you gotta turn off yo' flash" ... but i managed to sneak some with a flash.

last up was santogold.
i have come to the conclusion that i want to be one of her dancers. they're beyond awesome.
santi did a 45 minute set, and although short, was worth the wait. she's just too cool for words.
and really, people need to stop comparing her to M.I.A.
santogold is exponentially cooler than her.
and she has better clothes too.
uhmm ... best skirt ever.



apparently beyonce and jay-z were there too?

coming later this week, tokyo police club.
get excited.