Thursday, April 30, 2009

i want this jacket.

so so sooooo badly.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

my favorite mexican dream team is back!

yes, folks ... gael garcia bernal and diego luna are back again starring in the south american film, rudo y cursi!

i've literally been waiting for this film for about a year now, and it's finally going to play in the US for the tribeca film festival.
i honestly cannot contain my excitement.
two of my favorite favorite favorite actors, in one movie ... again!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


have y'all seen the new matt and kim video for "lessons learned"????
times square?
scared people?
crazy ending?
kim is hot, obvz.

Friday, April 24, 2009

ohhh no!

the sneakers i wanted are no longer available on the topshop site!
and i can't find them in the store either. what am i going to do?!?!!??

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

look at my facial hair! oh man, hot damn, it's everywhere!

woohoo! so we ended up snagging some tickets for the lily allen/npsh show at roseland for $12 less than they were supposed to be, which is flippin great even though tickets still ended up being $50 each. holy crapola! really?!
we went from seeing lily for free at a baby venue to paying $50 to see her at basically the largest GA venue in new york.
does that make any sense.
anyways, we got there about 45 minutes before doors. it was freezing cold and raining and we were pretty much miserable.
doors opened promptly at 7, and by the time we got in, the the entire front row was taken, and we had to settle for the second row ... tears.
we could already tell that everyone in the crowd was especially obnoxious and we'd probably be super annoyed after about 10 minutes of standing there.
we were absolutely correct.
the girls behind us kept complaining that we were stealing their spot, when they were CLEARLY behind us. we certainly did not want to be where they were standing, our spots were just fine.
we listened to the crowd around us saying how all they wanted to see was lily, and they all had no idea who the first band was ... tsk tsk, how dare they not know natalie portman's shaved head!

NPSH ended up coming on about 20 minutes late, hence the reason their set was rushed.
i was wondering why i was dancing so hard, then i realized maybe it was because every song was twice the speed.
but they were super enjoyable ... it had been WAYYYYY too long since the last time i saw them. i was suffering NPSH withdrawal, and now i'm suffering again until they come back for a headlining tour ... whenever that is.
i pretty much thought we were the only fools who knew every single word to every one of their songs, but then i glanced over only to see these two gay boys (probably form staten island) singing along ... word!

no pictures of claire :( they all came out so weird and saturated. i HATE the lighting there so much!

after their set, we scrambled to get out to use the restroom. yes, we gave up our nearly perfect spots, but we know we'd just be horribly annoyed if we stayed there.

we ran by NPSH's merch booth. they weren't there.
only one pair of sunglasses, no totebags and shirts were $20. are you flippin kidding me?!

after we were done with the bathroom, we ran back upstairs just in time for lily allen. we found an ok spot on the side.
she was super enjoyable. i didn't expect any less from her.
of course, she did her cover of womanizer, and basically everything from the new album, with some old lily classics put in.
i just wish the venue wasn't so gigantic and that it wasn't so HOT in there.

it was a good good show.
maybe not as fantastic as the last time we saw her, but that's probably just because this time it was at one of my least favorite venues.

i'm not even sure what my next show is.
i need something soooooooon!

oh p.s.
i think this was taken during "beard lust"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oh hayyyyy!

lmao, so as i was getting my daily fix of brooklyn vegan, i was reading the post about Janelle Monae @ music hall only to find that they used MY review of the show.
how funny.

ya spelled mustache wrong!

Friday, April 17, 2009

i think i'm allergic to down feathers.

soooooo, last night was the long awaited of montreal show at music hall ... i thought about seeing them tonight too, but before i could make a decision, it was sold out.

the first band, fire zuave, was nothing special. they were just dirty and awkward and every song sounded the same. i think the lead singer borrowed his makeup and outfit from kevin. really, not flattering on this guy.
their set was too long and i found myself yawning throughout the whole set.

next was janelle monae ... i wasn't sure what to expect from her, though i'd heard rave reviews of her for the past few months, so i figured she couldn't be bad. little did i know, she would be flippin BRILLIANT! she's got pipes for days, and she's totally adorable, and shit, she can dance! i basically wanted to be her.
ugh, so awesome.

although of montreal was wonderful as usual, i felt like kevin was holding back a little. i mean, he was wearing clothes for almost the entire set, it was very unlike him. but of course, the theatrics were ridiculous and my clothes are ruined.
i have a lifetime supply of feathers and i'll probably have glitter stuck in my hair for the next week.
i love them. there's nothing more i can say than that.
i was all itchy during and after the show, from the feathers. i still feel them stuck in my throat.
they are beyond amazing. seriously, their live show is an experience, and for someone to be DISAPPOINTED after seeing them is a fucking crime.
they are just too fun to comprehend.

"oslo in summertime" was the highlight of the night, i think.
it's not even one of my favorite songs, but good lord, it's so exciting when they play it.
they played um, 20 songs? ... two hour set.
there were about equal amounts of songs from skeletal lamping, hissing fauna, satanic panic and sunlandic, which was good!
last time they played, it was mostly songs from skeletal lamping ... i needed some chaaaaaange.

is the show in the running for the top 10 shows of the year? most definitely.
is it top 5 material? maybe.

well then, til next time, of montreal.