Tuesday, March 17, 2009


is obviously the place to be right now considering every music loving person who hasn't yet been struck by the recession is on their way to austin right now.
oh sxsw, how i'd love to be there and party until my brains leak out of my ears.
everywhere i turn, i feel like everyone is just trying to remind me that i'm missing out for the millionth time.
i've told myself since freshman year that i'd definitely go my senior year.
i'm only a year away from bliss.
besides, what's sxsw without matt and kim?
hopefully someone will spit out some face value tickets by the end of the week, and i'll go see them and pretend we're in texas.

speaking of texas, good music schools there. i need to look into that. i have a meeting with my guidance counselor about schools tomorrow. i get to miss history for that! yay!

i'm rethinking the berklee school of music in boston ... apparently, it's a factory that turns mediocre musicians into dropouts and extremely talented musicians into robots. i believe that. i really do, and i don't want to waste my money on some "big name" shit school ... we all know kids just end up there because they're a bunch of rich yuppies who have been playing since they were 5, but don't necessarily enjoy it.
i'd rather go somewhere where i can enjoy what i do, have good relationships with my educators and excel as a committed and passionate musician.
... oh, and i need to be able to minor in music photo journalism.

why am i thinking about college now?

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