Friday, August 21, 2009

inglourious basterds!

yesterday could have been better, to say the least. i could've done without the 100% humidity and ominous storm looming over our heads. but if it wasn't for the terrible weather, we wouldn't have made the decision to skip the free totebags and cupcakes and see a movie instead. our first idea was to go see district 9 ... 2:30 show was sold out, so we saw inglourious basterds instead.

how bad could it be? i mean, it's a quentin tarantino film, so it was bound to be at least decent.
and judging by the previews, it seemed pretty damn funny. and hell, it's even funnier than i thought it would be. it was really fantastic. i loved it. like, honestly, i don't wanna watch another movie for at least a couple weeks, because nothing can top basterds right now. i've been so disappointed by movies i've seen lately, so this was just a breath of fresh air.
and ... whoa, i didn't hate brad pitt in this film. there are two kinds of roles he's good at, the dumbass and himself, oh and he was good in fight club, but that was a fluke, idk how he pulled that off. and thankfully, he played a dumbass in this one. yay!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

islands shows are like snowflakes...

no two are ever remotely similar -- and that's something to be said, especially about last night.
sure, it's cool when they change their outfits for the shows every few months, or when the set lists subtly change with a new album release, but what happened last night was a little more overwhelming than a change of clothes.
from what i had heard earlier in the month, i sensed that this show would be far different than anything i've ever experienced at an islands show.

i read that jamie thompson was back in the band (you know, the member that was also in the unicorns, and helped form islands, but he quit between the release of return to the sea and arm's way, so then he got a song written about him and how he left the band, and basically everyone was pissed at him? yeah ... him), and that he contributed a lot to the new album, vapours, due out on september 22nd, along with tracking all of the drums, but it wasn't quite clear to me whether he was just recording with them, or if he would be playing with them live as well.
nothing really clicked in my mind until a few minutes before we arrived at the bell house last night.
if jamie would be playing tonight, then what happened to aaron? would the other members still be there? does the new album even have violin or bass clarinet? i tried not to think about it but i would be forced to face the truth later that night.

but first we had to watch two other bands.
radical dads left me less than excited. i could've done without the girl's yelling, but whatever, i guess i didn't hate them. i wouldn't run out and buy their album or anything.

next up was das racist. at first, i was a little bit frightened by them, but then realized quickly that they were just three totally amusing dudes who were completely stoned. it was a rap comedy act, basically. i enjoyed them.

finally, after much anticipation, was the moment of truth.
two young boys in fairly formal attire, who looked strangely familiar, entered the stage, followed by who appeared to be jamie thompson. this was it. i was so baffled. nick then came out shortly after, wearing a satin, bedazzled cape. i want it.

i was overwhelmed with both confusion and awe. they opened with a song that was new to my ears, entitled "switched on." it was clear that people in the crowd already had a leak of the album, so they already knew every word.
at this point, i was still speechless, but flustered at the same time. it was true. there was no more aaron, and no more patrick, or patrice, and no more super chow brothers (oh how i'll miss sebastian's suave ways) and and and .... i was heartbroken. like, it's nice to see that jamie is back, but i honestly really miss the other members.
i think i would've been less upset if i had notice of the member change beforehand, but i've come to realize that the only thing constant, the only thing that is truly forever about islands, is nick. nick is islands. the rest have just been there to support his vision, nothing more, i suppose.

the first six songs they did were new, and to see despot waiting on the side of the stage for "whalebone" sent a huge sigh of relief through me. at least one thing is still the same, right?

they continued on with a few more new songs. it's a far far stretch from anything islands have done in the past. it's more similar to the unicorns, which makes sense considering jamie is back in the band, so they were bound to revert to catchier tunes and synths again. it was especially strange because arm's way was such a drastic move into a darker direction.
BUT! as i've said many times, any direction that nick thorburn takes his band is bound to be genius, because genius is all the man is capable of.
but anyways, they also did a few other old ones, "don't call me whitney, bobby" and "creeper" ... basically the only two songs that don't REQUIRE violin or bass clarinet. so sad. i had even been hyping myself up by doing the clapping thing that the crowd does during "rough gem" that morning, and they didn't play it.

they did "swans" for their encore, and while not as epic as it usually is, it was still amazing. there's no way that such a superb song could be done badly by them. it would be a sin.

i left the bell house, still confused. but thoroughly satisfied by yet another fantastic show from nick thorburn and company.
oh, and we realized that the other guys in the band, geordie and evan, are from that band, the magic that have opened for islands and human highway before. talented kids, they should be honored to be playing with one of the most talented musicians of our time. just saying.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

her smile is contagious, it's contag-uh-uh-uh-uh-ussss.

today was regina spektor's second free show in the city this summer, and of course i wouldn't miss it for the world. any chance i get to see her in a small place for no money at all, i jump on. because i knew the crowd would be ridiculous if i came any later than 4, i managed to get to barnes & noble around 2:45, yes, even earlier than when she played at the apple store. but this time, we didn't have to wait on any dumb line. instead, it was a first come first serve basis where we just sat down when we pleased, and yes, we could even save seats! thank goodness!

because it was also an interview session and reading with author, kurt anderson, i didn't expect her to play many songs. in fact, my assumptions were correct and she only played four songs, but any amount of time that she plays is well worth the wait. she's so incredibly talented and charming. i couldn't help but smile the whole time. it's amazing just how humble she is, yet she's such a superstar now. i mean, hell ... she's playing at radio city this fall. you've hit the big time when you get to play there. it's insane.

she did a few songs from the new album, far and closed with an old favorite, "us" from her album soviet kitsch. she was lovely of course, and i wish she had played longer, but what can ya do? there's only so much you can get from a free show in a bookstore. i honestly still cannot get over how fantastic she is. seriously. she's gorgeous and wonderful, and it must be a sin to not love her.


Monday, August 17, 2009

true blood madness.

disclaimer: don't read any further if you haven't watched last night's episode!
this contains spoilers and my rants!

i actually missed it last night because i was too busy watching america's best dance crew, so i watched the latest episode of true blood this morning on hbo, and may i just say, oh how depressing! godric shouldn't have given away his position as sheriff so easily, and now he's dead?! this is ridiculous. i don't understand. he's so powerful in the vampire community, yet he just decided to burn in the sun. yes, i cried. oh lord. watch the scene again for yourself.
ok, so i'll admit, i giggled when eric started crying.
but now who is going to take over? will eric be the new godric? what's going on?!?!?!?!?!??

and i was thinking that he's probably the only one capable of killing maryann. i don't know whatttttt kind of supernatural being she is, but she seems pretty invincible. she doesn't make any sense. blah blah blahhh. stupid bitch! hopefully tara will realize that she's the worst thing to ever enter her life.

she sucks. also, wtf is gonna happen when bill and sookie get back from texas? sookie is gonna find maryann in her house, then what?!
ughh, this is going to be bad.
i'm so tense now.

oh right, and let me just reiterate, eric is hot, sookie is dumb, tara needs to learn, maryann is a crazy bitch, eggs is also pretty smokin', i feel bad for bill, hoyt still creeps me out (but at least jessica is happy), and they should bring godric back. just saying.

can't wait for the 23rd! only three episodes left ... oh noo!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

black acid co-op.

if you dig meth labs, burnt furniture, kittens, creepy doorways, obscenities and weirdness, then this art installation is for you.
basically, one of the coolest, if not THE coolest installation i have ever seen.
i was just mesmerized by everything.
today was the last day, so if you missed out, then too bad!

meth lab

burnt furniture


creepy doorway



fascinating, yes.
weird as shit, yeah.
awesome, DUHHHH!

let's discuss something.

so, i completely overlooked this when i listed all the things i needed to blog about this week, but it's probably just because i had to force myself to stop thinking about it because when i do so, my heart palpitates and my saliva glands become overactive. what topic would ever make one do this? you must be asking yourselves. why, none other than slim twig's legs ... youuuu know, the boy who plays billy zero in the tracey fragments with ellen page?!?!!?!? yes! this one:

i went with gina to death by audio on thursday to view his legs in all their glory, and of course to see him play, but my oh my ... i'm not even sure how it is humanly possible to be quite that attractive, and have such fantastic legs.
seriously, they're magnificent.
i would've gone up to the stage to take a few decent pictures if there were more than ten people in the room, but sadly, it was only his family, and the other band members and gina, besides myself. it would have been awkward.
so i had to settle with quite possibly, the worst picture i've taken all year.


ima ima ima ima lesbian savant!

after seven bells, we headed to brooklyn to see snakes say hisss! i hadn't seen them since december, so let's just say i was a little bit baffled to find out that they're more than just two dudes and an ipod now. yeah, they have an actual band, so when they were setting up, i thought to myself "this can't be them" ... then of course, they hooked up the mic and said "hi, we're snakes say hisss!" ... i was confused to say the least, but it was indeed them.

i really forgot how much i love them. they're just so much fun, but i sorta miss it being just the two of them. whatevz, they aren't any less fun. i was totally drenched in other peoples' sweat like two songs through, but that's what i love about diy shows and poor ventilation, it just shows how much fun you're having. we left satisfied and disgusting and smelling like beer and smoke.
but there's something about that nasty feeling and smell that's comforting, which is strange, i know.

oh noo, summer is practically over.

yesterday was the finale of the river to river music series at south street seaport, an they certainly closed the season on a good note with school of seven bells and the xx.

i was honestly expecting to be bored to death after the first five minutes of the show, but little did i know, both bands were lovely live.
i had never even listened to the xx before, so i wasn't entirely sure what to expect. all i really knew was that they're british and that they opened for friendly fires earlier in the week. so really, how bad could they be? i was skeptical when they came out on stage. they were all dressed in black, and the girl singer was really androgynous looking. she started singing and i was blown away. who knew a pretty little voice could come out of her??? their tunes were sweet and nice, but all the songs retained some sort of intensity that kept me locked in for the whole set. i really enjoyed them and would love to see them again soon. hopefully they'll be back for cmj or something.

next up was school of seven bells. they have kind of a shoegaze, dream-pop vibe. like, imagine au revoir simone, but trippy. they were also quite lovely. i could've done without the 37656476724 minute song at the end though. i was just about ready to leave at that point because they were making me sleepy. but overall, they were good.

we jetted from seaport after the show to get to death by audio for snakes say hisss! be continued.