Sunday, March 1, 2009

after praying to the snow gods all weekend,

just thought i should make this known.

i didn't go to juiceboxxx/team robes/ninjasonik on saturday.
i was too lazy to drag my ass to bklyn at 11pm.
besides, that shit probably got busted early.
whatevz ... juice boy is coming back on may 9th, and it's not like i haven't seen team robes and ninja 123456789 times already.

kind of a dry spell for shows for a while.
maybe i'm seeing totally michael on the 12th, but with SAT's on the 14th, i gotta get as much rest that week as possible.
i don't even have tickets for matt & kim and cut copy on the 21st, so i'm not entirely sure if i'm going to that.
there is no way in hell that i'm paying $75 for a ticket on craigslist. no thank you.
but perhaps someone nice will be selling for face value the day before the show.
i mean, look what happened with tokyo police club ... got the tickets the DAY OF THE SHOW!

btw, i'm completely and utterly OBSESSED with born ruffians right now.
i've come to the conclusion that luke lalonde is brilliant and "hedonistic me" is most definitely like my favorite song right now.
sooo good ... holy crap. i've been listening to it on repeat.
it's up on the same level as "a sentence of sorts in kongsvinger" by of montreal ... didn't think that was possible.

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