Sunday, March 8, 2009

dear kid sister, you're more unreliable than spank rock. love, devyn

alright ... so i've already established that kid sister is unreliable, but this just brought her infamous unreliability to the next level.
here's the news on her album.
it was set to come out last june, then postponed to july, then september, then november, then january, then now, late march.
there has been no news of it since the postponement from january to march. is the record even done? will it ever be done?
probably not.

now, her record release show was set to be at bowery on november 25th, it was postponed to february, then more recently postponed to april 25th. i went to check if tickets were sold out, only to find out that the show had been canceled altogether.

again, i think she's doing this because she's secretly pregnant, so she thinks she can just slack for 9 months.
the 9 months that could've been the most important in her career as a musician.
she is obviously to blame, but some of the blame also goes to her boyfrannnnnn alain macklovitch, aka a-trak ... who is currently doing a tour with dj medhi. we don't see a-trak taking his fatherly responsibilities, do we? bullshit.
thanxz guyzzzz. you're super awesome.

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