Monday, March 16, 2009

monday update.

the worst day of the week.
just found out alkaline trio is already sold out.
i was really looking forward to shooting that show. no luck, i guess.
they were my favorite band in the 8th grade ... haven't seen them since the summer after freshman year.
i'm not devastated though. i'd probably be too lazy to go out on a sunday night anyway.

still haven't found tickets for cut copy and matt & kim.
this has just been a bad month for shows, i guess.
i've been to a total of ONE in a span of two weeks and two days.
and the one i went to wasn't even fantastic.

tomorrow is saint patrick's day. wear green to school?
nah, i'll wear yellow and blue and tell the nuns that if you shake me, i'll turn green.

today is a lazy day. this blog will probably be followed by a nap ... then some essay revising and writing.

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