Saturday, August 30, 2008

i've realized

that i should just blog every day, even if i don't have anything interesting to say.
but i actually do have something interesting to say.
i'm still nauseous. the room still shakes, and i'm not even on the ship anymore.
fucking dumb.
anyways, i got back from the cruise to bermuda the other day.
it's oh so nice there. the water is ridiculously blue, but sadly the sand wasn't pink!
i don't care what people say!! they're obviously colorblind!
i guess i should post some photos from the trip.

leaving stupid bayonne:

view from the upper deck:

the sunset from the window:

from the dockyard in bermuda:

the beach:

bermuda at sunset:

goodbye blue water:

i wish i had more time there. it was a lot nicer than here, but bands don't generally play in bermuda, which is really unfortunate. maybe i'll move there when i retire.

tomorrow, i'm back in show mode. team robes on the rooftop. nasty fun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

what the hell...

is a rhumb line?

so, we went to virgin for ra ra riot's album release show ... i guess we didn't learn from the last instore we went to, that it's NOT necessary that you buy the cd to get in.
but of course, we ended up spending $10 each on the new album, which i had already heard because i'm horrible and caught the leak 3 weeks ago.
honestly, i'm not happy with it. and from what i've read about the album, i seem to be the only person who has said anything bad about it. peculiar.
as i've probably stressed before, it's like they stripped the emotion and depth from every song on the EP, threw in a few new songs and a kate bush cover.
oh, and they changed the intro lyrics of "can you tell" (and not to mention, they completely destroyed the instrumentals to almost every song from the EP)...of course this upset me, and i thought "hmm...hopefully they won't sing it like that live."
today was the moment of truth.

they opened with some new song ... some nameless song.
then continued with a few songs from the EP, then there it was ... i braced myself as the first few plucks of the violin chimed.
i was absolutely disappointed when wes started out "have i been too discreet?"
i almost had the urge to sing the original lyrics "oh baby baby baby please..." loud enough for them to hear me, but i didn't want to be rude.

they ended with "ghost under rocks" and despite my disappointment, they DID put on a great performance as usual.

just ... i hate to say it, but really, if you loved the EP, i'm not sure how you'll feel about the rhumb line.
but if you're a new ra ra riot listener, the album might not give you any problems.
i wanted to LOVE it, but i guess i couldn't.
maybe it'll grow on me.

crap photos. for real.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

the ultimate thursday night adventure

for serious.
so, mi madre and i went all the way to philly to see natalie portman's shaved head, matt and kim, the go! team, and css.
it was a line-up that we just couldn't refuse, and because they didn't have a date in jersey or ny, we decided to go take a bus to pennsylvania to witness this madness.

the show was at the troc, which is by all means, a nice venue, but i wasn't digging the fact that the stage was 9 million feet tall and that there was a barricade with 5 feet between it and the stage.

we claimed our spots, but then saw kim and gave her the cookies i made.
she was so happy!
we then ran back to our spot, and someone took it, so i slowly inched my way back into front and center, next to all the assholes.

first up were natalie portman's shaved head.
i'm not sure why it took me so long to find out about them. they're so much fucking fun. i was gonna poo my pants, they were so good. and they have the best outfits ever.

next were matt and kim. super amazing as usual. so different seeing them in a legit venue though. i almost missed the kids stage diving off my face and leaving foot prints.
and this crowd, although excited enough, were not quite as ridiculous as a m&k bklyn crowd. whereas, i was freaking out the whole time.

by the time they were done, my body was already hurting, and it didn't help that matt molested my head when he was shaking someone hand that was behind me.
but i did poke his ass when he crowdsurfed, hahahahaaa :)

after them were the go! team.
so much fun!!
but hell, ninja worked us so hard. it was like dance party boot camp.

last but not least were css. i swear lovefoxxx was giving me sex eyes or something. she kept looking at me and smiling and blowing confetti at me, and then she gave me a guitar pick from the floor.
i was really kind of freaked out. i'm not gonna lie.
but they were really fabulous.
i'm glad we went to philly for this tour.
totally worth it.

after the show, we got some m&k totes and another hug from kim.

i'll just end my story there. oh and p.s. i just want to thank the flobots.

beyond crappy photos?? the troc didn't allow cameras, so i had to just sneak in my point and shoot


matt and kim:

the go! team:


the end.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

i like parks

just a quick note, this is a new blog.
my previous blog just obviously wasn't getting read, because it was through myspace.
oh, and a bought a new camera ... so, i figured i might need a better blog to post my pictures on.
this one will be exponentially better, though, i'll try to keep up my other one.
there are some good posts from october, 2005 to july 2008, then for the most part it's the exact same thing as this:
other blog!

so yesterday was the last show at bklyn bridge park for the summer. and they ended it nicely.

tiny masters of today have no stage presence, or musical talent.
like i get it, they're cute little kids ... but honestly, they're not that much younger than i am, and i don't get why people like them so much!
this is all i have to say. sorry.

headlights and french kicks were soo enjoyable though.
but i must say, french kicks were probably on for almost an hour and a half, and after about the first 45 minutes, everything started sounding the same. and it's not like they're particularly engaging. they rarely said anything to the crowd. anyways, i thought i should point out that nick's hands are nice. he should be a hand model.


tiny masters:


french kicks:

that's all.