Sunday, March 22, 2009

dear hipster runoff, you are fantastic. love, devyn

so now i know that i'm not the only person who doesn't "get" no age.
and i know i should feel the same way about wavves as you stated in your last post, because they're both that lofi punk shit, but nathan is just so gosh darn flippin cute, that i might waste a whole $8 to see him at market hotel next weekend ... or not.
i heard he's better live? but as you said, he's "just a chill guy who plays gigs in comfortable sportswear" ... i might believe that. i do believe that.
maybe he really DOES only have one good song.
poor kid. he has nice hair.

anyways, i was passing by some magazine store in the city today as i saw in the display alternating covers of fader. zach condon of beirut on one cover and natasha khan of bat for lashes on the other. i ran inside only to find that all of the issues had bat for lashes. i went to the window, pulled out one with zach's face, then realized it was a double cover. zach on one side, natasha on the other.
oh danggggggg shits, i got so excited. you get both! in one issue! how exciting is that?!?!?? but of course, zach is far more exciting, even though he looks old and fat now. maybe because he's most definitely married to granola face.

we also picked up the latest issue of bust with lily allen on the front, which made me remember how much natasha khan and lily look alike, and it was totally [not] funny because we were getting one magazine with lily on the front and one with natasha on the front. ha .. yess.
i honestly think they're twins separated at birth, only natasha has a piggier nose.


oh, and this! they're in the SAME magazine!
if i was retarded, i would think there were just two pictures of lily on the contents page of bust. why would they put them next to each other? oh and don't mind my two boyfriends also on the same page.

ok, so obviously lily allen is more tan, and her boobs are slightly larger, but they most definitely have similar facial features ... so weird.

we purchased our magazines, then as we were walking out, we saw this in the window:

i cannot express enough how much i DESPISE the teenagers and this asshole.
he's so disrespectful and horrible. how can anyone appreciate the teenagers?
nothing about them is appealing.
clearly, you are deaf or tasteless if you think they make good music.
can you even call it music?

we then continued on to get a slurpie and sit on a bench.
i took a picture of a tree.


for real?


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