Sunday, March 29, 2009


so, march has proven to be a slow slow month.
i haven't been to a good show in god knows how long, and i need something fantastic.

we thought about seeing wavves last night, but settled on roaming around the mall for a couple hours.
sorry nathan ... i just wasn't in the mood for sweaty madness and dirty kids in bushwick.

apparently the all points west lineup is being released tomorrow morning. let's hope for something amazing.
chances are, the lineup won't be worth $100 a day. whatevz, who wants to pay that much for 12 bands per day anyway?
i'll just listen to everyone from my rooftop. yes, you can hear everything perfectly from there. all points west is basically in my backyard.

blogging will be back to normal in april.
i've got a good amount of shows, including of montreal ... thank goodness.
ra ra riot and cut off your hands on saturday. so good.

i've had a lot on my mind lately.
i kind of just want to open my head, take my brain out and put it in a box for a few hours. that would be great.

i have tons of homework to do.
tomorrow is going to be bad.

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