Friday, August 21, 2009

inglourious basterds!

yesterday could have been better, to say the least. i could've done without the 100% humidity and ominous storm looming over our heads. but if it wasn't for the terrible weather, we wouldn't have made the decision to skip the free totebags and cupcakes and see a movie instead. our first idea was to go see district 9 ... 2:30 show was sold out, so we saw inglourious basterds instead.

how bad could it be? i mean, it's a quentin tarantino film, so it was bound to be at least decent.
and judging by the previews, it seemed pretty damn funny. and hell, it's even funnier than i thought it would be. it was really fantastic. i loved it. like, honestly, i don't wanna watch another movie for at least a couple weeks, because nothing can top basterds right now. i've been so disappointed by movies i've seen lately, so this was just a breath of fresh air.
and ... whoa, i didn't hate brad pitt in this film. there are two kinds of roles he's good at, the dumbass and himself, oh and he was good in fight club, but that was a fluke, idk how he pulled that off. and thankfully, he played a dumbass in this one. yay!

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