Sunday, August 16, 2009

ima ima ima ima lesbian savant!

after seven bells, we headed to brooklyn to see snakes say hisss! i hadn't seen them since december, so let's just say i was a little bit baffled to find out that they're more than just two dudes and an ipod now. yeah, they have an actual band, so when they were setting up, i thought to myself "this can't be them" ... then of course, they hooked up the mic and said "hi, we're snakes say hisss!" ... i was confused to say the least, but it was indeed them.

i really forgot how much i love them. they're just so much fun, but i sorta miss it being just the two of them. whatevz, they aren't any less fun. i was totally drenched in other peoples' sweat like two songs through, but that's what i love about diy shows and poor ventilation, it just shows how much fun you're having. we left satisfied and disgusting and smelling like beer and smoke.
but there's something about that nasty feeling and smell that's comforting, which is strange, i know.

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