Tuesday, August 18, 2009

her smile is contagious, it's contag-uh-uh-uh-uh-ussss.

today was regina spektor's second free show in the city this summer, and of course i wouldn't miss it for the world. any chance i get to see her in a small place for no money at all, i jump on. because i knew the crowd would be ridiculous if i came any later than 4, i managed to get to barnes & noble around 2:45, yes, even earlier than when she played at the apple store. but this time, we didn't have to wait on any dumb line. instead, it was a first come first serve basis where we just sat down when we pleased, and yes, we could even save seats! thank goodness!

because it was also an interview session and reading with author, kurt anderson, i didn't expect her to play many songs. in fact, my assumptions were correct and she only played four songs, but any amount of time that she plays is well worth the wait. she's so incredibly talented and charming. i couldn't help but smile the whole time. it's amazing just how humble she is, yet she's such a superstar now. i mean, hell ... she's playing at radio city this fall. you've hit the big time when you get to play there. it's insane.

she did a few songs from the new album, far and closed with an old favorite, "us" from her album soviet kitsch. she was lovely of course, and i wish she had played longer, but what can ya do? there's only so much you can get from a free show in a bookstore. i honestly still cannot get over how fantastic she is. seriously. she's gorgeous and wonderful, and it must be a sin to not love her.


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