Sunday, August 16, 2009

oh noo, summer is practically over.

yesterday was the finale of the river to river music series at south street seaport, an they certainly closed the season on a good note with school of seven bells and the xx.

i was honestly expecting to be bored to death after the first five minutes of the show, but little did i know, both bands were lovely live.
i had never even listened to the xx before, so i wasn't entirely sure what to expect. all i really knew was that they're british and that they opened for friendly fires earlier in the week. so really, how bad could they be? i was skeptical when they came out on stage. they were all dressed in black, and the girl singer was really androgynous looking. she started singing and i was blown away. who knew a pretty little voice could come out of her??? their tunes were sweet and nice, but all the songs retained some sort of intensity that kept me locked in for the whole set. i really enjoyed them and would love to see them again soon. hopefully they'll be back for cmj or something.

next up was school of seven bells. they have kind of a shoegaze, dream-pop vibe. like, imagine au revoir simone, but trippy. they were also quite lovely. i could've done without the 37656476724 minute song at the end though. i was just about ready to leave at that point because they were making me sleepy. but overall, they were good.

we jetted from seaport after the show to get to death by audio for snakes say hisss! be continued.

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