Sunday, August 16, 2009

let's discuss something.

so, i completely overlooked this when i listed all the things i needed to blog about this week, but it's probably just because i had to force myself to stop thinking about it because when i do so, my heart palpitates and my saliva glands become overactive. what topic would ever make one do this? you must be asking yourselves. why, none other than slim twig's legs ... youuuu know, the boy who plays billy zero in the tracey fragments with ellen page?!?!!?!? yes! this one:

i went with gina to death by audio on thursday to view his legs in all their glory, and of course to see him play, but my oh my ... i'm not even sure how it is humanly possible to be quite that attractive, and have such fantastic legs.
seriously, they're magnificent.
i would've gone up to the stage to take a few decent pictures if there were more than ten people in the room, but sadly, it was only his family, and the other band members and gina, besides myself. it would have been awkward.
so i had to settle with quite possibly, the worst picture i've taken all year.


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