Monday, August 17, 2009

true blood madness.

disclaimer: don't read any further if you haven't watched last night's episode!
this contains spoilers and my rants!

i actually missed it last night because i was too busy watching america's best dance crew, so i watched the latest episode of true blood this morning on hbo, and may i just say, oh how depressing! godric shouldn't have given away his position as sheriff so easily, and now he's dead?! this is ridiculous. i don't understand. he's so powerful in the vampire community, yet he just decided to burn in the sun. yes, i cried. oh lord. watch the scene again for yourself.
ok, so i'll admit, i giggled when eric started crying.
but now who is going to take over? will eric be the new godric? what's going on?!?!?!?!?!??

and i was thinking that he's probably the only one capable of killing maryann. i don't know whatttttt kind of supernatural being she is, but she seems pretty invincible. she doesn't make any sense. blah blah blahhh. stupid bitch! hopefully tara will realize that she's the worst thing to ever enter her life.

she sucks. also, wtf is gonna happen when bill and sookie get back from texas? sookie is gonna find maryann in her house, then what?!
ughh, this is going to be bad.
i'm so tense now.

oh right, and let me just reiterate, eric is hot, sookie is dumb, tara needs to learn, maryann is a crazy bitch, eggs is also pretty smokin', i feel bad for bill, hoyt still creeps me out (but at least jessica is happy), and they should bring godric back. just saying.

can't wait for the 23rd! only three episodes left ... oh noo!

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