Sunday, September 28, 2008

this is r-e-a-l-i-t-y

so my boys in bayside are releasing their fourth full-length album entitled shudder on september 30th, and i told myself i was gonna just wait until it came out to listen to it, but i couldn't help but download the leak. don't kill me, jack!
of course i'll still buy it. hell, if i had the money, i'd buy 100 copies, but times are tough my friend.
i'm a student, and i don't have a job, and i spend all my money on tickets, so therefore, i don't have enough money to buy 100 copies.
but i figured, that now that i've listened to it about a million times that i might as well tell you a little about it.

it opens with the catchy track entitled "boy" ... not a far stretch from anything else they've come out with. the chorus is what really got me excited. before i heard the album, these lyrics were circulating the interwebs, and i was just so excited what it would sound like "now is your chance boy just ignore the dreadful things they say, go on give up you’ll never win no crying now, they're watching him, his blood will boil and the kids will sing, learn to drown before learn to swim"

this then flows into the next track "the ghost of st. valentine," which is overall a pretty upbeat track.
in fact, the whole album is a little more on the upbeat side. it's different for them, but they still manage to stay true to their sound.
they've added a lot of pop elements though. i closed my eyes while listening to "no one understands" and swore i was listening to motion city soundtrack for a minute.

the next track "what and whatnot" might be some kind of "montauk" throw back.
a lot of us were confused with the slight lyric change, but obviously it must have SOMETHING to do with "montauk."
i mean going from "sweetness can you believe this?" to "sweetness did you believe in this?"
tell me "what and whatnot" isn't like montauk pt. 2 or something. haha.

anyways, the album continues with some more upbeat tracks ... it all just gets you in a good mood.
the guitar is strong, the lyrics aren't a far stray from what i'm used to. a little less violent, but it's all just really enjoyable.
in my opinion, the walking wounded, while it grew on me eventually, was a little disappointing, whereas shudder hooked me pretty fast, like with their self titled and sirens. ok, maybe not as mind blowingly amazing as sirens or bayside, but still very very good overall.

i'm happy for them. they should definitely be proud of this album.

must listen tracks: "demons" and "moceanu"
a quick note about "moceanu" ... definitely the most memorable track. but it requires a few listens to absorb everything.

a friend of mine declared that she doesn't like the album because it's "too happy."
and my response to her was "i'm sorry, what?"

go buy it this week.
you won't be disappointed.

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