Friday, September 26, 2008

don't throw your bra and young boys.

umm, so last night was pretty much life changing.
tokyo police club played at maxwell's ... and although i've seen them once before, that was just an in-store, so this was a million and one times better. yes, they played 20 songs ... but it seemed to go so fast. every song just ends so abruptly and goes to the next booty bumpin' tune. seriously, every one of their songs gets me excited. they're one of the few bands that can do that to me.

opening for them were mobius band.
super enjoyable, but their keyboardist was making me feel uncomfortable. like you know when old guys dance really hard and shake their asses, and it's a little unsettling? yeah, it was like that.
but um, they were really good.

tokyo police club came on around like 10:30 or something, and boy oh boy ... it was so wonderful.
they basically played every song they have. they seemed especially adorable last night, and dave has gained better stage presence since the last time i saw them.
aghh, this definitely goes into the top 10 shows of the year.

but a quick note to the girls standing behind us, i get it, you were super excited, but that didn't give you the right to scream at the top of your lungs in our ears, and yell at the band to play "cheer it on" ... what are you, retarded? of course they were gonna play "cheer it on."
and yeah, people were giving you guys dirty looks, don't wonder why. you knowwwwww why!
you don't know how close i was to slapping all of you.
chill the fuck out.

oh and, whoever threw that bra at the stage ... why??
it touched me, and it touched dave when you threw it again.
he seemed disgusted ... disgusted enough to remove it from the monitor with his foot!
oh lord.

and one more thing, this was the second time this week that someone told me to turn my flash off or stop taking pictures.
what gives??
of course i kept taking pictures, pshhh.


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