Sunday, September 21, 2008

i want that skirt!

so as you may or may not know, i went to see santogold at irving on friday.
fucking $25 for that ... and no, i didn't get a free kitten.
although the show was good as a whole, the crowd took my hatred for dumbasses to a whole new level.
we were pretty much surrounded by assholes.
and if it wasn't for that nice person in front of me who let me stand in the front next to her, i would've probably had a miserable night.

first band, low vs. diamond were whatever. not that cute, and the lead singer was awkward, but their music wasn't horrible or anything.

next group, i didn't even know the name of.
it was three ugly guys in dumb outfits, and a fourth ugly guy in the back with a laptop pumping out decent beats and samples that excited the crowd, i guess. they had good energy, but it was hard to like them when everything they were saying was so vulgar.

right before santogold was her fiance. trevor andrew aka trouble andrew.
he was just cool as hell for sure.
i was pretty much jealous of his mullet.
it was hard to get any really good pictures of him because the security came over to me and was like "baby, you gotta turn off yo' flash" ... but i managed to sneak some with a flash.

last up was santogold.
i have come to the conclusion that i want to be one of her dancers. they're beyond awesome.
santi did a 45 minute set, and although short, was worth the wait. she's just too cool for words.
and really, people need to stop comparing her to M.I.A.
santogold is exponentially cooler than her.
and she has better clothes too.
uhmm ... best skirt ever.



apparently beyonce and jay-z were there too?

coming later this week, tokyo police club.
get excited.

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