Tuesday, September 30, 2008

matt and kim on the radio

yes, it's true.
i was sitting around, minding my own business, contemplating a way to get chromeo tickets for thursday, and i get a text from my friend "PUT ON THE RADIO NOW! MATT AND KIM ARE ON!!!11!! 92.3FM K-ROCK!"
i almost didn't believe my ears.
there it was, "daylight," that new track i just spoke about in my last blog was on the radio.

i'm not sure how to feel about it.
i guess, because i love them so much, that i should be really happy for them, but the fact that it was on a huge station (that has since toned down after howard stern left) just really confuses me. i want the world to know who they are, but then again, i don't want them getting so big that they won't pay attention to their fans anymore.
though, i know that won't happen because they're two of the nicest most genuine people i know, and forgetting the fans is out of the question.
it's even apparent that the fact that they have an ever growing fan base scares them.
they always complain when they have to play "big" venues with barricades or high stages or when the venue charges more than $10 to see them.

when i saw them in philly over the summer with CSS, kim was shocked by how high the stage was and how far the crowd was from the stage because of the barricade. or even last october, for the last show of cmj, they kept apologizing to the crowd because the show ended up being $9 with service charge.

fame is a scary thing, but i haven't the slightest feeling that they'll get too big for their pants and leave us in the dirt without hugs. they will always be a band that i'm grateful for, whether no one knows them or if they're superstars.
thank you matt and kim.

oh, and btw, someone tell me why i'm not 21.
i get to miss the virgins AND natalie portman's shaved head at mercury.

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