Sunday, September 28, 2008

and yet another

new matt and kim track!?

i guess this is their way of holding us off til the new album comes out.
the new album will be entitled grand, and grand it shall be.
it's been forever since their s/t came out, and we've all been itching for new material, considering they've been playing new songs since 2007.
strangely, none of the songs they've been playing for us are the ones they've been releasing in the past month or so.
i'm still waiting for the one that counts backwards.
i kid you not.
they've upped the counting and turned it around 5-4-3-2-1.
they've been playing it at pretty much every show since summer of 2007.

anyways, this new song that came out like last week is called "daylight" ... i really like it.
i'm way too excited for the new album.
you can download the track here: green label sound

also, another new release i'm excited for is totally michael's s/t.

i've been living on his demos and ep for almost two years now, and i'm super glad he finally got signed to iheartcomix, and now he's coming out with a legit album.
he promised us it was coming out in july, then he said august, and not it's coming out october 14th.
there's a stream of the album on my old kentucky blog
it just makes you wanna jump up on your bed and shake your butt.
it's really quite amazing, and i wouldn't expect anything less from dear michael.
and everything doesn't sound like it was recorded in his bedroom anymore.

and btw, katy perry covered "electric feel" ... ??
way to ruin it katy perry.

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