Saturday, July 11, 2009

i love summer.

despite the nasty, humid days, summer is most definitely the best season, and not just because i don't have to worry about school. what i love most are all the free outdoor shows. times are tough, and god knows i ain't got money because all of my birthday money goes towards festival expenses.
but anyways, matt and kim played with flosstradamus and team robes the other day at pier 54 for the river rocks music series.
of course, we were the first assholes there, waited for hours, got the front row spot we wanted.
we saw the sad barricades and knew that they would be trouble later on in the night.

team robes were the same as usual. fun to dance to, but we all know that they'll disappear in a couple of years when they realize that it's not cool to be in a diy band past the age of 30.
but whatever ... they're still a lot of fun for now.
though, i've never seen them perform on a legitimate stage before. it was totally weird.

flosstradamus was nothing short of FANTASTIC! i hadn't seen them since cmj '07, and i was blown away all over again.
there's a reason why they're my favorite dj's ... it was an instant dance party.
so much fun, despite the fact that i was surrounded by complete tools ... view here:

i then proceeded to warn the security that the crowd would only get rowdier during matt and kim and that there was a huge possibility of the barricade toppling over and 5000 people falling down.
they didn't seem to believe me.
the crowd exploded, and i swear i had about 25 near death experiences.
but i worked it out, i held my ground, and i beat off the assholes.

(photo props to ma gurl, natalia who risked bringing her d80 with her)

...all for the love of matt and kim.

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