Saturday, July 25, 2009

ello govna's island.

we took a trip over to governors island today not really knowing what to expect.
i had seen the posters everywhere and it seemed like it could be an okay place.
little did we know that it would be absolutely wonderful.

the ferry that goes there is free, so it gives people even more of a reason to go and check it out.
i felt like i wasn't even in new york when i was there. it was kind of surreal.
it just seems like some quirky, colonial town.
i dig it. sadly though, i forgot the memory card for my camera, so i was forced to take pictures with my cell phone ... tragic, i know.

anyways, it's most definitely the perfect place to bring some friends and a picnic.
but i would advise also bringing some hand sanitizer, as all the port-a-potties are running a little low.

we decided to go for a ride on the staten island ferry when we got back.
right, remind me to not do that ever again in the near future.
i hadn't done it in about 12 years, so i guess i forgot that it's kind of a strange ride. we have renamed it the "broski boat," due to the large amount of bros and guidos all over the boat. awesome.

my feet hurt and i feel like i'm coated in sea residue.

did anyone look at the sky today? it was amazing.

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