Sunday, July 12, 2009

more free shows?!

yes, the day after matt and kim, there were only about 458429642 free shows going on.
i ended up settling on the pains of being pure at heart at south street seaport for the river to river music series, run by the same people who run the river rocks music series.

i know, i know ... i've only said bad things about them in the past, but i think it was just my wrath for peggy wang that was getting in the way of me being able to actually enjoy pains.
so, i sucked it up and went.

and lo and behold, i actually like pains?
ok, so maybe i never HATED them, i've just always had issues with peggy.

more here!

so, after seeing them, i take back everything i said about the band in the past.
though, peggy is still irritating and obnoxious, and we all know it's true. she needs to take the grin off her face and stop acting like she is the coolest girl around.

ironically, the morning of the show, jay reatard had posted on his twitter:
"Brooklyn shut up ! most of your bands all suck and you are total wanna bees ! The pains of being boring at heart ....oh it must hurt being so bland." his less than endearing tweet appeared on pitchfork and brooklyn vegan shortly after, and it was clear that it would turn into a battle, but obviously, it didn't stop anyone from going to see pains for free.

oh, and thanks shirley braha for filming my face.
i can be on new york noize plz?!?!?!!??

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