Sunday, October 12, 2008

gabe is bringin' sassy back.

via the sassy back tour.
yesterday was not only gabe's birthday, but it was also the new york date of the sassy back tour with cobra starship, forever the sickest kids, hit the lights and sing it loud at nokia theatre.
the venue is big......but i love shows there because it's just a genuinely NICE venue. everything's really pretty, and the light makes everything glow. i love it. hahaa.

before the show, i grabbed some merch and talked to favorite mustache friend julian gilbert.
his photography is amazing ... and so is his mustache.
go look: julian schmagoolian

we didn't bother to go into the crowd for sing it loud.
they were whatever.

hit the lights were so different from what they used to be when colin was still in the band.
it was like a half throwback.
we hadn't seen them in over two years, and we sang along to the songs, but it wasn't the same.
i wasn't digging it.

forever the sickest kids were whatever also.
they just come off as just assholes.
maybe it's those dumb sweatbands.

cobra was wonderful as usual.
this marked the 6th time i've seen them, and it might've been their best set yet.
gabe was extra talkative, and so was ryland ...they're wonderful.
and we also established that suarez is the "sex" of the band.
he IS the penis ... haa. oh dear.
he's wonderful.
they're wonderful.
cobra starship are another one of the few bands that make me so ridiculously excited that i have the urge to piss my pants.
hopefully they'll be around for years to come, despite the fact that gabe is almost 30! =_=
happy 29th birthday gabe.
as if you'll see this one day ... i meant to find you before or after the show and give you the card i slaved over for a few hours, but i never found you, so i suppose i'll just send it to your house.

almost the shittiest photos ever:

oh hi.


pleasure ryland:

the end


twinone. said...

forever the sickest kids... I'm not sure that they are ass holes.. Just so damn strange and creepy! I was eating dinner one night and one of them came over to my table and was trying to talk to me and was just weird... and another one was lurking my table. I kept telling him to go away.

devyn ... hellz yesssss! said...

they did seem a little creepy ... ew. haha.
but idk, maybe it was just those damn sweatbands that make them seem like assholes.