Saturday, October 25, 2008


why i love best fwends ...

1. they're fucking adorable
2. they're flippin ridiculous
3. they're hilarious
4. what the hecks is NOT to love?
i love anyone who can manage to have no real musical talent but still start a crazy party. fo' sho.

i hadn't seen them in almost a year and a half, and they played last night at knitting.
so good. my god. amazing. aah!
apparently leia caught a picture of me being blessed by the giant inflatable gargoyle. awesomeee.


oh, and the mae shi were amazing as well.
it was nice seeing them in a place where it WASN'T 5 hundred degrees.
it was actually kinda cold.

what is that, a water buffalo?

they replaced the sheet with a rainbow parachute ... yesss!

the bands that played between best fwends and the mae shi were all pretty horrible. so scary. remind me to never see an albatross ever again. what the fuck.


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