Monday, October 20, 2008

miserable days produce okay photos.

saturday wasn't exactly my idea of fun.
a bunch of crappy local "harcdore" bands playing in nowheresville pompahanawanafuque, i mean pompton lakes, NJ, and then some better known, but not super well known bands playing after them ... i.e. eyes set to kill, lovehatehero and before their eyes.
i'm wouldn't consider myself a fan of all this madness, but lovehatehero managed to put on a decent set.
i had seen them once before in 2007, and they weren't bad then, so i didn't expect them to suck or anything.
i figured i might as well take a few pictures ... have something to look at later on.
the lighting was pretty shitty, but what can you expect from a half ass venue in northern new jersey?


pierrick wears hairclips apparently.

yuck! i don't understand why people like this guy.

the end.

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