Thursday, October 23, 2008

today ... and cmj

so today was totally pooped on.
i had several options as to what shows i could've attended today.
i could've seen best fwends, totally michael, and high places at nyu ... i could've seen nightmare of you ... i could've (not really) seen crystal castles, kid sis, floss and a-trak (if i had been smart and gotten a fake id).
instead, i stayed home, ate cupcakes, and watched flight of the conchords for two hours.

well in reality, i probably couldn't have gone to any of these considering the nyu show required a gov't issued id, which i don't have because i'm a savage and i reside in new jersey, nightmare of you was at porky's ... i looked up, it looks like it's some kind of secret strip bar or something, and obvz, webster hall hates me so i couldn't have gone for the crystal castles extravaganza.

but no worries, it's not like i WON'T be seeing totally michael and best fwends this weekend.
tomorrow is the panache party at knitting with the mae shi, best fwends, monotonix and like 12 thousand others...should be fun, WILL be fun.
then saturday, i have the iheartcomix showcase ... cant go wrong with team robes, totally michael, juiceboxxx, ninjasonik, and uh, matt from matt and kim is hosting the shit.
then if everything works out, i'll be seeing the mae shi again and cut off your hands. sounds like a hectic night. whatevzz.
it's going to be wonderful!!

i actually think it's better that i didn't go to a million shows this week ... i'm saving my energy ... i've been sick for the past like two weeks, but i AM ridiculously sad that i missed the cool kids on tuesday :(((
if you've ever been to one of their shows, you know that shit's ridiculous.
and you WILL get raped by some ugly kid.
i guarantee it ... ok, maybe i don't guarantee it, but the cool kids are too good to miss, and i managed to just not go. not that my dad would have let me go. i stayed home sick.
oh, and what the hell?! it was $26 ... ASDFGHJKL ... huh?
i just wanna be like, "listen i love you, but $26??? really?"
i have $4 to my name ... no thanks.

btw, don't forget to watch yo gabba gabba tomorrow.
it's a re-run of the episode with i'm form barcelona that premiered on tuesday.

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