Saturday, August 30, 2008

i've realized

that i should just blog every day, even if i don't have anything interesting to say.
but i actually do have something interesting to say.
i'm still nauseous. the room still shakes, and i'm not even on the ship anymore.
fucking dumb.
anyways, i got back from the cruise to bermuda the other day.
it's oh so nice there. the water is ridiculously blue, but sadly the sand wasn't pink!
i don't care what people say!! they're obviously colorblind!
i guess i should post some photos from the trip.

leaving stupid bayonne:

view from the upper deck:

the sunset from the window:

from the dockyard in bermuda:

the beach:

bermuda at sunset:

goodbye blue water:

i wish i had more time there. it was a lot nicer than here, but bands don't generally play in bermuda, which is really unfortunate. maybe i'll move there when i retire.

tomorrow, i'm back in show mode. team robes on the rooftop. nasty fun.

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