Saturday, August 9, 2008

i like parks

just a quick note, this is a new blog.
my previous blog just obviously wasn't getting read, because it was through myspace.
oh, and a bought a new camera ... so, i figured i might need a better blog to post my pictures on.
this one will be exponentially better, though, i'll try to keep up my other one.
there are some good posts from october, 2005 to july 2008, then for the most part it's the exact same thing as this:
other blog!

so yesterday was the last show at bklyn bridge park for the summer. and they ended it nicely.

tiny masters of today have no stage presence, or musical talent.
like i get it, they're cute little kids ... but honestly, they're not that much younger than i am, and i don't get why people like them so much!
this is all i have to say. sorry.

headlights and french kicks were soo enjoyable though.
but i must say, french kicks were probably on for almost an hour and a half, and after about the first 45 minutes, everything started sounding the same. and it's not like they're particularly engaging. they rarely said anything to the crowd. anyways, i thought i should point out that nick's hands are nice. he should be a hand model.


tiny masters:


french kicks:

that's all.

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