Wednesday, August 20, 2008

what the hell...

is a rhumb line?

so, we went to virgin for ra ra riot's album release show ... i guess we didn't learn from the last instore we went to, that it's NOT necessary that you buy the cd to get in.
but of course, we ended up spending $10 each on the new album, which i had already heard because i'm horrible and caught the leak 3 weeks ago.
honestly, i'm not happy with it. and from what i've read about the album, i seem to be the only person who has said anything bad about it. peculiar.
as i've probably stressed before, it's like they stripped the emotion and depth from every song on the EP, threw in a few new songs and a kate bush cover.
oh, and they changed the intro lyrics of "can you tell" (and not to mention, they completely destroyed the instrumentals to almost every song from the EP)...of course this upset me, and i thought "hmm...hopefully they won't sing it like that live."
today was the moment of truth.

they opened with some new song ... some nameless song.
then continued with a few songs from the EP, then there it was ... i braced myself as the first few plucks of the violin chimed.
i was absolutely disappointed when wes started out "have i been too discreet?"
i almost had the urge to sing the original lyrics "oh baby baby baby please..." loud enough for them to hear me, but i didn't want to be rude.

they ended with "ghost under rocks" and despite my disappointment, they DID put on a great performance as usual.

just ... i hate to say it, but really, if you loved the EP, i'm not sure how you'll feel about the rhumb line.
but if you're a new ra ra riot listener, the album might not give you any problems.
i wanted to LOVE it, but i guess i couldn't.
maybe it'll grow on me.

crap photos. for real.

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