Saturday, August 8, 2009

slow kids and casioclub?!

today we went to yet another lovely free show at south street seaport. this time it was slow club and casiokids. both of whom, i've never seen before, but i've only heard good things about their live shows, so i was stoked to go.
slow club was all sorts of wonderful and adorable. they were just so enjoyable.

casiokids were also quite lovely. they made me remember why i love scandinavians so much. they're just so charming with their broken english. especially casiokids though. they're from norway, and i don't think any of them really speak english. they jsut danced on stage and smiled a lot and sang in norweigan. i had no problem with that.
the one with the bow tie is my secret boyfriend.

next week is the last seaport show of the summer :C
i'm so upset. it has been a good run this season.

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