Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hai, i likes da akorn/familiez.

i've really been slacking lately i guess. whatever happened to my decision to blog every single day no matter what?
i guess that was short lived, considering i such a lazy ass and i only blog when i absolutely have nothing else to do at that very moment. but anyways, i had two options of things to do yesterday. i could've seen simian mobile disco at the waterfront, or i could've gone to see akron/family at other music ... OR, i could've gone to both.
plant ended up getting thwarted, and i had to skip simian mobile disco, which made me sad, but whatever, i heard it was empty and dead at the waterfront anyway. and it was about to rain any second, and god knows i hate being outside when it's raining.
so, we made the decision to see akron/family instead.

it was a good decision. i don't regret skipping smd at all.
akron/family are just so talented and exciting. anything that involves clanking on chairs, shouting and clapping is good in my book. yes sir.

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