Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it is now wednesday and i STILL have a headache.

All Points West - Part Tres

i woke up sunday morning, looked out the window and it was pouring rain. i was hesitant of whether i should get up or not. i then decided to go back to sleep, but was rudely interrupted by a slew of texts asking when/if i was going and if it was canceled or not. obviously, it would be absurd to completely cancel it, but because the rain was so bad, they had to delay opening gates by over two hours. people had been waiting in the rain and were already aggravated enough, i can't imagine how they felt when they were told they couldn't even go in until 3:40.
none of this applied to me though. because i had a field pass, i could go at any hour, waltz on in, and no one would care.
but i decided to sleep til 3pm and leave the house around 5:30.
i came equipped with my doc martens. i was ready for any amount of mud that day.

we got to the park just as silversun pickups were finishing and i snagged a spot in the second row for we are scientists.
i had been amped all weekend for them, and now that i was feeling better, i knew i could thoroughly enjoy their set, along with all the other bands i needed to see that day.
they have a ton of energy (especially for guys over 30 haha) ... you can really tell that they're doing what they love and they won't stop for a while. i love them. they even did a new song ... i'm totally psyched for more new material.
towards the end of their set, dev hynes aka lightspeed champion came out to play guitar with them. i got so excited when i saw him. it was completely unexpected and fantastic.

after their epic set, we headed to the blue comet stage to see echo & the bunnymen, but then decided to leave that stage and see lykke li instead, because obviously she is the superior act. she's just fantastic, and the crowd went absolutely insane when she did a cover of "a milli" ... yes, i couldn't believe it either. but anyways, she's lovely and swedish and wonderful and i want to be her. oh, and during her set, i ran into alice glass from crystal castles. she was dancing, and i, like a creep, stood and watched her for five minutes.

after her set, we headed back to the bullet stage to catch a little bit of the black keys ... ok, so i didn't really want to see them. i just wanted to attempt to get a decent spot for MGMT, which not so much to my surprise, was incredibly difficult. i managed to get pretty far up though considering how packed the crowd was.
MGMT came on promptly at 9:40. everyone around me was trippin' on something ... what else is new?
i got so excited when they played "destrokk," a song from an older ep, and it was clear that the australian men in my vicinity and i were the only ones who were singing along. of course everyone went insane when they did "electric feel" and "time to pretend." they "closed" with a new song, but then came back out to do "kids," obviously. ... it was basically a mud party by then. people were flinging it everywhere. it was great, they were great, they're just spectacular live. oh, and let me just say, their lead guitarist is a beast. that solo during "kids" ... wow, i was in awe.

when they finished, i realized that coldplay was still playing, so i met up with katie and we watched from the tent.
i only caught their encore, but from what i heard, they were good. not gonna lie. it was a nice way to end a truly phenomenal weekend. my feet were officially shot by then, and it was hard to walk, but i knew that with every step, i was closer to my bed and closer to the best sleep of my life.

so with that i say, thank you all points west. i had fun.


Leia Jospe said...

okay your photos are so good and also chris caine seriously needs to marry me. i love him

devyn devyn devyn said...

thanks gurlllll. i thought i would have to sneak in my camera, but because i had a field pass, they didn't even check my bag!!!
and omg, marry chris cain and i'll marry keith murray and we'll have a joint wedding.