Tuesday, August 4, 2009

it's tuesday night and my feet are still sore.

All Points West - Part Dos

my middle toe on my right foot is a little numb, and it has felt that way since saturday morning.
saturday was an odd day. while it TECHNICALLY should've been my favorite day based on all the bands that were playing, i found it hard to enjoy anything fully because i felt so sick. the weather was beautiful, but i honestly felt like i was dying.
i have no idea why though.
i just woke up that day and thought to myself "crap, this is gonna be bad" .... my chest felt like it was caving in on my lungs, i had a splitting headache, and every second, i thought i was going to throw up. it was really quite tragic.
i thought i was dehydrated at first, so i drank some water. it didn't help.
i tried to take it easy most of the day, but found myself only getting weaker as hours passed.
i was towards the front for the cool kids, but i couldn't even stay where i was because i couldn't breathe, which killed me because i love them so much. oh, and the sound system got messed up halfway through their set, and the bass was making my stomach hurt even more. awesome.

i ended up sitting under the friends of liberty state park tent for the remainder of their set.
next up was gogol bordello. i scraped myself off of my chair and knew that if i wasn't able to have a good time during their set, that my day would just be the worst ever.
thankfully, i had enough energy to thoroughly enjoy their set. they're so much fun and clearly know how to get a crowd moving.
eugene hutz is a genius and he has a fantastic mustache.

i then had a little bit of free time to just sit and reenergize. though that was short lived and i had to trudge through the mud to the other side of the park for tokyo police club. i had to settle for a spot in the 5th row because there was no way i could squeeze any further and still be alive after their set. they were precious as usual. they never fail to impress me. though, it was clear that most of the people near my were just aching to see crystal castles and that they could care less about tpc.
whatever, i love them, and i managed to not pass out during their set from extreme exhaustion.

i moved up a little bit for crystal castles, but as the crowd got tighter, i had to get out to prevent myself from throwing up on everyone around me, which really bummed me out because i had been amped for crystal castles all week.
i felt so sick at that point that i could barely dance.
i ended up sitting down and almost bursting into tears because i felt so horrible.
i tried my hardest to enjoy them though. they did my favorite song, "black panther" and also a new song which was super great. i guess i'll have to check them out again another time, so i can get the full effect.

i stuck around for a little bit of the ting tings, whom i've seen before. they were lovely and if i wasn't so sick, i would have stayed longer. i had intentions of not even going on sunday, but we all knew that i'd come through and make it through yet another day of apw madness.

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