Monday, August 3, 2009

it's monday morning and i'm paralyzed, basically.

All Points West - Part Uno

so here i am. i woke up about 10 minutes ago because it's impossible to sleep when your feet feel like they're falling off.
all points west was a success, despite the rain. oh, and i didn't have to pay a penny all weekend.
except when i decided to buy some things from the renegade craft fair tent ... yes, it was just like the annual renegade craft fair in williamsburg, but scaled down to about 30 vendors. awesome, to say the least.
i got a couple of cute things.

but anyways, i worked on friday for a few hours until the rain came. it was pouring, so we were forced to close down the pretzel cart, and then i had the rest of the day off. i scampered away, with soaked clothes and all to see ra ra riot and vampire weekend, then met up with some friends for yeah yeah yeahs. it stopped raining during their set, probably because karen o is obviously a goddess and can do anything, i.e. make the rain stop.

jay-z killed it later on, but i was upset that he didn't have any super fantastic special guests. uhhh, hello, where the hell was beyonce? whatever, mad props to him. his band was phenomenal as well.

oh, and you thought that was the end of friday. noooooooo sir.
we then sprinted to the queen of the valley tent after jay-z's set to see mstrkrft.
it was basically a rave in there. i was definitely having a seizure and i didn't even realize it because i was just so hyped.
towards the end of the set, they mixed everyone's favorite club hit "satisfaction" by benny benassi into ... get this ... BOHEMIAN FLIPPIN' RHAPSODY! the crowd went nuts. i was thoroughly in awe.
we made new friends while singing at the top of our lungs, and went home satisfied, and sore.


Angela Schwartz said...

you saw Jay-Z? awwww. i like him.

devyn devyn devyn said...

haha, yes! he was great.