Wednesday, August 12, 2009

what's my name?

ummm ... michael assface? ... oh sorry, did i pronounce that incorrectly?

good god, so i just watched top chef masters and i have to say, michael chiarello is a real dick to say the least.
like, i knew he was sort of self absorbed and conceited, but i didn't have a problem with him.
it wasn't until this episode that i really realized it.

but whatever, it was an exciting episode with appearances from past season favorites, including fabio, jamie, dale, spike and ma boyfrannnnnnnnn ilan <33
because i'm biased, i totally wanted anita's team to win. she had jamie, dale and ilan on her team, but she ended up going home. i was thoroughly upset, but her food sucked two weeks in a row, so they had to send her home.
i'm over it nowww. ilan and hung are gonna be on next week's episode along with the other top chef winners to judge.
so excited!

just saying.

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