Saturday, June 20, 2009

the beginning of my birthday week.

so far so good. two great shows this week, and two AMAZING shows coming next week, and i'm so stoked.

on thursday, i saw anthony raneri of bayside perform an acoustic set, with vinnie caruana of i am the avalanche and destry (ex-straylight run members) opening for him at maxwell's.
it was nothing short of fantastic. anthony raneri is one of my favorite musicians, which is to be expected considering i've seen bayside sixteen times or something ridiculous like that.

the first band, destry were totally adorable. i've always really liked michelle da rosa's voice, but i was never straylight run's biggest fan or anything. i think i appreciate this band more. much more.

next up was vinnie caruana. may i just say, he is a total badass, and i love him.
he totally flipped out on some assholes in the audience and threatened to knock them out if they were rude one more time.
i commend him for that. but anyways, he's just awesome in general. super charming and just an awesome dude.

last but not least, was anthony raneri. he never fails to impress me, whether he's playing an acoustic show or if he's with the rest of the boys. he did a few covers including "good fucking bye" by alkaline trio and "i will follow you into the dark" by death cab for cutie. he also did a new song which he had written this week. it was fantastic.

sadly, he didn't do any songs from sirens because apparently they sound bad when it's just him on the guitar, and he needs jack in order to sound good. i don't blame him .... it's true.
hopefully they'll throw in some old songs for warped tour.
i'd like that very much.

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