Monday, June 22, 2009

p4k plans might be out the door.

so, as i went on to ticketweb today to make sure tickets were still available as i'd be buying them this weekend after i get my birthday money, i realized that tickets for july 19th are sold out ... ya know, the day with grizzly bear and m83.
i got over that quickly, after seeing that tickets for july 18th were still available.
the 18th was clearly the better date anyway.
and i'd save $30 by only going one day.

i then continued on to look at the set and stage times in hopes of having no schedule conflicts.
right, i got my hopes too high.
OF COURSE, there is a conflict between beirut and matt and kim. my two favorites. the two bands i absolutely would be devastated to pick between are playing at pretty much the exact same time at different stages. what are the odds? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?

8:40 (A) The National
8:30 (B) The Black Lips
7:30 (B) Matt and Kim
7:25 (C) Beirut
6:30 (B) Lindstrøm
6:15 (A) Doom
5:30 (B) Wavves
5:15 (C) Yeasayer
4:30 (B) Ponytail
4:15 (A) Final Fantasy
3:35 (B) Bowerbirds
3:20 (C) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
2:40 (B) The Antlers
2:30 (A) Fucked Up
1:45 (C) Plants and Animals
1:45 (B) The Dutchess & The Duke
1:00 (A) Cymbals Eat Guitars
1:00 (B) Disappears

so basically, i'm incredibly upset right now.
and i probably won't be going to chicago.

would someone like to take me on a different roadtrip?

oh, i saw best friends forever at silent barn the other day.
i haven't been to a diy show and had THAT much fun in a while.

terror pigeon dance revolt is amazing. amazing amazing amazing.
it's like the mae shi minus the actual instruments.

bff were splendid, of course.
just full of energy and awesome.

patrick wolf tomorrow!

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