Thursday, June 18, 2009

so, last year...

i declared that i do not like heartsrevolution, and what do you know?
i gave them another listen today when i downloaded the nylon summer playlist (it's just a whole bunch of stuff i have already and some less than interesting other stuff), and i STILL don't like them.
go figure!
wut uppppp, bad crystal castles knock-off.

i just like that vehicle they travel in.

you know, this:

but anyways, another artist that struck me was la roux ... i had been hearing a lot of hype about her, so i figured, she can't be that bad, right?
i was wrong.
holy crap, could she be any more annoying?

her voice is so incredibly irritating ... but i was a trooper and attempted to listen to the whole song, and as soon as i thought the it was over, it kept going! i skipped the rest of it. so bad. so so so so so so bad.

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