Monday, April 6, 2009

monday update ... again!

blawgging has been slow lately ... but it's for a good reason.
i've been busy all week pretty much. just been busy being awesome.
probably one of the best weeks in a while ... not gonna lie.

on thursday, i went to topshop ... opening day, so i had to wait approximately an hour and 43 minutes to get in, but holy hell, was it worth it. i went through the entire store about 4 times and bought a whole slew of fabulous garments. so exciting.

on saturday, i went to see ra ra riot and cut off your hands at webster hall. as much as i hate hate hate webster hall, this show was just fantastic. i hadn't been to a good show in over a month ... i NEEDED something great to end my withdrawal.
okay, so the first guy, jon moses was a little strange, but i suppose he had fun. i'll just say, i would NOT want him to be my underwear. no thank you.
next up was cut off your hands. they were every bit as wonderful as we thought they would be. we'd been dying to see them for so long, and my oh my did they deliver. nick basically owned the entire stage with his spazzmatic dancing.
agh ... sooooo good!

then ra ra riot was the icing on the already delicious cupcake.
i hadn't seen them since summer 2008 because i felt like i was all "ra ra'd out" from seeing them so many times last year. i had almost forgotten how good they are live.
of course, i still can't forgive them for changing the lyrics of "can you tell," but the set was good. they played for about an hour and 15 minutes, oh and they did some new songs, good stuff.
i was fully satisfied.

and my very favorite:

the next day, i finished all of my awesome essays, then went back to topshop to buy more things and to see kim dj.
i picked up another dress and another skirt. kim was playing all my favorite booty bumpin top 40 hip-hop tunes, then as i was dancing while waiting on line, i glanced out of the corner of my eye up to the dj booth, only to see kim waving really hard to get my attention. she slapped matt's arm, pointed at me and they both waved. i looked around to make sure they were waving to me, and sure enough they were.
i waved back and continued dancing.
i guess matt doesn't secretly hate me anymore.
oh matt and kim, you are the best.

i officially have $12 to my name. awesome.

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