Monday, December 1, 2008

why go to shows when you can push cars?

so last night as i was peacefully sitting around, doing homework, we get a call that my uncle's car is stuck and that we have to push it. what the hell?
so of course ... we put on our coats and shoes and there it is, his car sitting there, not moving.
there were maybe 5 of us pushing the damn thing and we got it about 3 feet. weaklings.
i put my self right in front of the car in the middle, we assembled ourselves again, and pushed it into the garage.
what a special night.

so anyways, i haven't been to any shows since uhh...november 15th, and i'm bored.
some shows i have coming up though seem pretty promising.
the spinto band @ maxwell's
OR the mae shi @ silent barn on the 12th
... i can't decide, even though i already have tix for spinto. anyone want 2 tickets for spinto?
of montreal @ music hall on the 16th
nightmare of you @ maxwell's on january 17th (even though they're on my bad list right now)
then ... i won't even get into february right now ... kid sis, los camp?! yess sir.

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