Saturday, December 13, 2008

any band that...

makes jumping under a sheet seem like the most fun thing ever is fucking brilliant.
this is why i love the mae shi.
they know all the secrets to making people happy.
giving us a rainbow parachute to dance under is one of those secrets.

they played at silent barn last night ... there were maybe 50 people there at most.

their set was epic as usual.
nothing ever beats the amazingness of "i get almost everything" and group hugs and dancing til your stomach hurts.
ugh, i wish i was seeing them tonight with anamanaguchi at dba.

oh, and snakes say hisss! were so good. how have i never heard of them before??
no really, like....i can't stop listening to them right now.
it's like if best fwends, the mae shi and starfucker had some love babies and the kids were babysat by thedeathset.

"i like stars and i like unicorns, i like things that make me feel free"
seriously?? any band that sings about unicorns is good in my book.


and to the mae shi ... i'm glad you're alive.

btw, before last night, it had been almost a month since i had been to a show.
i think that was the longest gap between shows i had all year.
well, whatevz...i survived right?
of montreal on tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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