Friday, November 28, 2008

what i'm absolutely thankful for:

good food, family, throat drops and nyquil.

thanksgiving was good this year, despite the fact that i was sick (and still am sick), but that was expected considering i'm sick on thanksgiving every year.
i might just explode ... right now.

the sweet potato bourbon soup with bacon and chives was ridiculously good and made me feel 54378346 times better while it lasted.

i knocked out for a bit after the soup and ate plate of thanksgiving goodness around 5.
the moistest turkey ever, leek gratin, brussel sprouts with bacon, garlic mashed potatoes, some fabulous cranberry sauce, and of course mushroom stuffing.

i suffered from a turkey coma shortly after, but then we ended the meal with sweet potato pecan pie and ... pumpkin cheesecake. so flippin good. thanks dad.

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