Sunday, November 9, 2008

no really, OH MY GOD!

so last night was the end of my epic weekend ... islands @ market hotel.
yeah, i said market hotel ... and you thought islands were superstars who only play huge venues like webster hall.
not only was it a small ass show, it was only $8 and it seemed like everyone bailed out because there were no more than like a hundred people there.

the first band, midnight masses were terrible.
think bad harmonies, mixed with shitty church choir ... yes, they were singing about god. i felt like i was in the deep south or something. it was just totally awkward and bad. i hope i never have to see them again.

next were the forms. they were pretty good. i wasn't blown away, but they had their nice moments.

right before islands was despot ... you knowww, the guy who took bus driver's place for the rapping part in "where there's a will, there's a whalebone" ... but he had his own set.
he was amusing, and he had some good songs. i just had issues taking him seriously, considering the fact that he's like 2 feet tall.
oh, and to that kid who rapped after him ... lil wiki? please stop. thanks. you're 12 ... and you curse too much.

anywayzzzz....finally, islands came on. oh how spectacular it was.
their set looked a little short based on the setlist (that was written on the back of showpaper ... see, showpaper is multipurpose, it makes a good lampshade, wallpaper, reading material, and writing material), but of course that doesn't mean anything because so many of their songs are so long.
they were totally on point and perfect, despite the fact that patrick's guitar kept getting unplugged.
they closed with "swans" ... totally epic and perfect. i love them so much. it's kind of ridiculous.
definitely the best i've ever seen them.

haha, and apparently all the kids taking pictures in the front are soulless and we ruin everyone's time ... thanks stupid guy with the glasses. you're the one who's soulless for letting photographers ruin your time. it's not like we weren't dancing and singing along too.

islands are forever.

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