Saturday, November 8, 2008

i want to know what's going on in that pretty little head of yours...

last night was part two (of three) of my epic weekend ... chiodos, silverstein and escape the fate at roseland.
again, as i've stated before ... i don't generally listen to this "genre" of music, but chiodos is completely different.
they're genuinely talented musicians, their live shows are beyond incredible, and craig owens just has a voice to die for ... not to mention, he's oh so charming ... and attractive ... and amazing.

right, so anyways, we got there beastly late. the crowd in there was HUGE, and we had already missed the first band, a skylit drive. whatevz.

so, first up for us were alesana. i had seen them once before, almost a year and a half ago, and they were bad. i think they were worse than the first time, though their drummer jeremy is a cutieeeee fo'sho.

after them, it was time for escape the fate. this was our first time seeing them with new lead singer craig mabbitt (former lead singer of bless the fall). they opened with "the flood" ... whatever. then they followed that with "reverse this curse" ... it was horrible, depressing, and just ... bleghh. it's just not the same. they then played "still not good enough", and closed with "situations." i kid you not, their set was approximately 14 minutes long. 4 songs. it was terrible. i never want to see them with craig ever again. it's not just that the lead singer is different and the songs just aren't the same, they like lost everything that was FUN about their live show. i'll miss you max green.

next were silverstein. we decided to move up for them ... it was like my childhood being replayed before my eyes. this was probably like 435687256478th time seeing them for me, but it just brought me back to the first time i saw them 3 years ago.
it was actually quite nice.
oh, and bill hamilton's mustache was looking GREAT as usual.
i attempted to take a few pictures of them, but of course, roseland has this shitty ass lighting and smoke machines that make the pictures really bad ... and obvz, this is the old camera that is temporarily replacing my broken point and shoot.
(don't worry, i have good quality pictures to take tonight)

last were the highly anticipated chiodos.
i had only seen them twice before ... once at bamboozle 2006, and at hoodwink this year.
both times in which they were under their alias "fluff my boner" ... which btw, is the best name ever.
but anyways, they were incredible. it was just totally epic and wonderful.
you can't help but be taken under craig owens' spell and just die inside a little bit.
we were miraculously in the second row for them, and as nasty and sweaty as it was, it was just all too wonderful to comprehend. oh my gosh. really, if you've never seen them before, you must.
oh, and of course jason's hale's legs are a special special bonus :P

almost the shittiest pictures ever.

i tried to get a photo of sexy legs .. but he was across the room, it was too hard.

lolz ... i hate roseland, but anything for chiodos, right?

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